Shark Bait Short Story – My Heroic Day

I was on a motorcycle some years back. I was fatigued and biking slowly on the way back. I was still about 70 miles from home, and it was getting dark.

On the highway, I noticed a parked automobile and three individuals arguing. I rode by them, but not before I noticed two women crying and anxiously peering through the front window.

I took a left and returned to the place. I observed four guys my age shouting and pushing a man approximately age 50. The family was returning from a ceremony and resided in another town around 90 miles away from mine.

They were approached by four boys on bikes who requested money. When the old man did not pay, they began misbehaving. He asked his wife and daughter to remain in the car and reasoned with them.

I heard the account from the old man, while the boys told me not to interfere and get the heck out of their way. I simply turned around and began walking toward my bike.

The man implored me to wait and aid him, and I felt the eyes of the women in the car pleading for me to stay. But I continued walking!

Here comes the surprise! I always ride with a wooden stick on my bike. Bad luck to the guys because they had no idea. They mocked me and one even called me an idiot.

So I grabbed the wooden stick and ran back. I began hitting the youngsters before they could react. The blows fell everywhere, and I believe two or more of them bled. I had no mercy on them. Someone hurled kicks and punches at me as well, but I was armed with a more powerful weapon.

When he saw me in action, he stepped in; his daughter and wife immediately got down and participated in the little way they could. They were all given the beating of their life and can’t even stand properly, two boys managed to flee on their motorcycles, while the remaining two ran after them.

I asked the man to begin his vehicle and continue driving while I rode ahead of him in case the boys decided to turn back and attack us. We went to the police station and filed a report when we arrived in the man’s town.

The daughter was clever enough to take down the license plate numbers of the bikes. Because it was late, the man invited me to stay the night at his home. When I got home, the relatives thanked me for assisting them.

He wouldn’t even let me leave early the next morning, claiming that he couldn’t send me out without a proper breakfast. Family, acquaintances, and relatives gathered to thank me for my bravery. I stayed for breakfast and then went home.

The gentleman still calls me now and again. He even once sent me an invitation to his daughter’s wedding.

I wasn’t the fearless person they thought I was. That night, I was afraid as well. It took a lot of guts for me to do what I did. I was very proud of myself when it was all over though!

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shark bait short story

Story credit – Kalita on Quora

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