A Sis To A Sis { 1 – 2000 }

Similar to the bro code, the sis code is a set of guidelines for ladies to abide by in order to maintain a healthy and unbreakable friendship.

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The ultimate Guideline For A sis

Explore the ultimate 2000 female friendship sismandments that should not be broken in order for a Sis to keep a close friendship with a fellow Sis.

Written In Simple language

Written in English that is clear, straightforward, well-organized, simple to read, easy to understand, and appropriate for a global audience who are  already familiar with English language. without jargon, euphemisms, or other confusing or complicated language.

Sis Code Ebook

Instant access

Immediately receive the Sis Code ebook in PDF format sent directly to your email.

Twitter Friendly

Paste a snippet of The Sis Code on Twitter or any other social media platform and get people talking.

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