May 6, 2024
Best Bartending Schools In Canada

Best Bartending Schools In Canada

Bartending in Canada is very lucrative, as bartenders usually maintain the supplies and inventory for the bar, they also mix classic cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Mojito. Some people tend to underestimating bartenders, but these people are have high demands in licensed establishments, Hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and even in private parties.

There are over 90,000 restaurants and bars in Canada, and because of this number the demand for professional bartenders in Canada is very high. You can’t just work into any restaurant or bar to become a bartender, there is a certificate, professionalism and experience needed and this is acquired in bartending schools which you can find all across Canada. But the question is, how do get the best bartending school in Canada?

We got you covered! We’ve rounded up the best bartending schools there is in Canada to help make an easier and convenient selection.

What is Bartending?

According to Wikipedia, bartending is the formulation and serving of alcoholic or soft drink beverages behind the bar. It is the art of mixing wines and spirits, drinks, preparation, beverage, service and good customer relations.

A person that formulates or serves alcoholic or soft drinks behind the bar is called a bartender and he is also responsible for maintaining the supplies and inventory for the bar. He or she also confirms that the customers meet the legal drinking age requirements before serving them alcoholic drinks.

Bartending Schools In Canada

  • The Bartending School of Ontario (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Toronto Institute of Bartending (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Fine Art Bartending School Vancouver (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Metropolitan School of Bartending (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Master School of Bartending (Montreal, Quebec)
  • BareBones Bartending (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Ultimate Bartending S. & Bar Source Consulting (Edmonton, Alberta)
  • The Nimble Bar Co (Victoria, British Columbia)
  • Brandywine (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • Learn to Earn Bartending School & Consulting Ltd (Prince George, British Columbia)
  • Extreme Bartending (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • School Bar De Montréal (Montréal, Quebec)
  • Start Bartending (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Westec School Of Bartending (Burnaby, British Columbia)
  • Bartenderone (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • 180 Drinks (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • 1st Class Bartending (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Hamilton School of Careers & Hamilton Institute of Technology (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
  • Ecole Des Maitres Barman Inc (Québec City, Québec, Canada)
  • Ateliers & Saveurs – Vieux-Montréal (Montréal, Quebec, Canada)
  • Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • BarKeep 101 (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
  • Conestoga College Kitchener – Doon Campus (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)
  • Red Deer Polytechnic (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)
  • Algonquin College of Applied Art and Technology (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Best Bartending Schools in Canada

  • Toronto Institute of Bartending (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • BareBones Bartending (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • The Bartending School of Ontario (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Fine Art Bartending School Vancouver (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Master School of Bartending (Montreal, Quebec,Canada)
  • Metropolitan School of Bartending (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Brandywine (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Ultimate Bartending S. & Bar Source Consulting (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • The Nimble Bar Co (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
  • School Bar De Montréal (Montréal, Quebec, Canada)
  • 180 Drinks (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Ateliers & Saveurs – Vieux-Montréal (Montréal, Quebec, Canada)
  • The Bartending School of Ontario

This is the most recognized Bartending School in Canada with multi awards and one of the top in the Hospitality industry and also have more graduates working in the hospitality industry than many other bartending programs.

If you want to learn all there is in bartending, the art and science of it then the Bartending School of Ontario is our first recommendation. The school intensively teaches, train, and prepares you for the world to bartending Heather a young or mature adult, the school creates a safe learn space for everyone one

The school has more people attending their bartending program more than any other. And being one of the most prestigious bartending schools in Canada, the staffs get to work with some amazing people and famous ones as well, from consulting big movies, making the actors look like Pros and feel like pros fir any bar scene to organizing up to a 100 bartenders to work on Canada Day at Toronto Island.

So If you are Looking for the best bartending schools in Canada, this is our number one school you should definitely consider, it is located at 2159 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada . For more information about The Bartending School of Ontario visit:

  • Toronto Institute of Bartending

With over 65,000 students trained since 2002, the Toronto Institute of Bartending has earned a prestige as one of the top best bartending schools in Canada. It offers programs that help you gain the competitive edge you need, with training and knowledge to be successful in the industry.

These programs also give you instant experience and with it you can work in all types of environments including bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

No area of bartending is left out as students are thoroughly trained, and acquire skills and development modules that will give them the confidence they need to excel in any type of establishment. You get the chance to acquire the key skills required to maximize your tips.

Bartending has no little areas as this school goes on to teaching students all there is in bartending, from how to run an establishment to the opening and closing procedures. So you will be getting a fully packaged knowledge.

The school is located at 16 Trinity St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information about Toronto Institute of Bartending visit:

  • Fine Art Bartending School Vancouver

Established in 1971, Fine Art Bartending School itself was established and began training in 1981. With instructors that have helped groom thousands of graduates into success careers in the hospitality industry. The program is also current, relevant and fun, as they remain the best in Vancouver.

Students enjoy a very free and fun learning space. So the Fine Art Bartending School got you covered in Vancouver, action packed hours of hands on training and also expand you know on variety of products. You don’t just get theory trainings in the Fine Art Bartending, you get intense practical trainings that become your experience in the world of Bartending. This gives you an edge anywhere and in any establishment you find yourself. It is located at 432 West Pender St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For more information about Fine Art Bartending School visit

  • Metropolitan School of Bartending

Established in 1995, this is Calgary’s number one Bartending School, providing certified, trained and exceptional graduates to the hospitality industry.

They specialize in training people with little or no experience and help them find great jobs in the hospitality industry. So whether you have no knowledge or experience with bartending or any restaurant experience, The Metropolitan School of Bartending is parked with professional and award-winning team of instructors that will train you how to go from zero to a professional bartender in 20 hours of class time.

Classes do not disrupt you work schedule at all as the school offer weekday, weeknight, or weekend classes that are very flexible for you. It gets easier to take the steps to propel yourself into a bartending position by becoming a trained and certified bartender at Metropolitan School of Bartending. The trainings are very focused and modern, so students get to be ahead of many other bartenders in Canada, this builds confidence and readiness in the students. The school is located at 608 9 St SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For more information about The Metropolitan School of Bartending visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which course is best for bartending?
  • Diploma in Hotel Management and Bartending.
  • Professional Bartending and Flair ology Course (Certificate)
  • Advanced Professional Bartending Course (Certificate)
  • Diploma in Bartending.
  • Standard Bartending Course (Certificate)
  • How long does it take to become a bartender in Canada?

An intensive 14-week program provides the knowledge and skills you need for employment in the hospitality industry as a bartender

  • What is maximum age to be a bartender?

The bartender course program has no age limit, and you can apply if you are an interested Aspirant. The minimum eligibility criteria required for Bartender Diploma and certification courses is 10+2 level of graduation from a recognized board or equivalent.

  • How do you become a bartender in Canada?

Completion of High school/secondary school may be required. Completion of college or other program in bartending or Completion of courses in mixing drinks is mostly required. Responsible beverage service certification may be required also.

Final Note

Each year, the demand for bartenders in Canada increases, it is important that when choosing a bartending school, it should be within or below you means with effective programs that prepares you for the bartending world outside.

It is a very lucrative and fun job with a good paycheck depending on your qualification. So look through our list of best bartending schools in Canada and pick a school that will groom you to be a step ahead in the Hospitality industry and a sort-after bartender.

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