May 6, 2024

7 Things A Girl Dislikes In A Guy

So you’re actually wondering what exactly made her suddenly or gradually stop loving you and you’ve tried your possible best but you’re just not getting her to like you and you feel what exactly, can the reason be.
Well, a few things could have gone wrong that you aren’t just taking note of. Maybe you’re guilty of one or two of the7 things a girl dislikes in a guy and how to improve on them.


Being Too Noisy

Being too noisy can actually be a big turn off for most women and I guess you might actually be surprised, but that’s a simple fact!
Most ladies perceive being too loud as being proud or being full of yourself. Creating an impression of pride is almost a surefire way to lose your chances of a further relationship with her.
If you’re a guy that gets into a room and makes everyone notice you, you’ll need to reduce your noise if you want to stand a higher chance of gaining the like/love of ladies around you.



Less Ambitious

Here’s the deal, if all you post on your WhatsApp status is memes all the time, that’s where you get your first “dislike shot”.
Memes are fun, memes makes them laugh but they never see anything better you can offer other than memes which they can easily find anywhere else.


Even if you’ll at all gain their like, they will simply like you as their clown who makes them laugh and it can’t go further than that.


Fact is, ladies love ambitious guys; the one that post their new skills and display acts of creativity. The ones that have less time for them, the one that chat with them Just once in a while, the one that says “I’ll chat you later” first.



Correct the “too playful” attitude and you’ll see how things will change drastically for you in terms of gaining women likes.


Complementing Her Physique

The physical appearance of a woman is already known to her. There are lots of women who get turned off when you complement their physique even though it’s a positive comment.
Here’s an example: “you look sexy”, “Wow.. You’ve got a big ass”. This type of comment immediately makes them have the feeling of insecurity around you and gives them the hint that you don’t really care about their personality and all you want is their body.


There are very few women who love it that way, but the majority do not and they might glare contemptfully at you for that.




Or let’s say you seem arrogant. In as much as being too loud makes women perceive you as being too full of yourself, being too quiet might make them pick up the misconception that you’re arrogant too.


There’s a thin line of misconception between being quiet and being arrogant and ladies don’t take time to jump into conclusion and that’s because females generally hate arrogant men, but there are still a tiny percentage of women who love you for the simple fact that others dislike you.



Bad Appearance

It’s one thing to have a good facial look it’s another thing to appear nice.
The fact that you’re not the most handsome man in the building doesn’t mean you should dress waggy.
A good shave, decent and neat dress, a nice wristwatch with a moderate deodorant might be all you need. No need to break the bank. The way you dress can be the simple reason women dislike you.




It isn’t even only the women that dislike talkatives, Men also do. When you seems to know the answer to everything, and you pour stuffs out and won’t give others the chance to also table their opinion, then you deserve the hate.


Reduce the loquaciousness and start being reserved. If you’re really intelligent, people will definitely perceive it and you’ll gain even stronger likes and loved from ladies



 Prying & Being Too Clingy

In as much as relationships and friendships are important to everyone, privacy also is! you don’t want to stay around her always like a bodyguard  else you’re indirectly giving her the reason to see you as ‘cheap’ and ‘always available’.


Asking a lot of questions and being nosy is one thing that ladies generally hate. know when she stop being comfortable with your questions and chat and then give her space accordingly,  you can always come back to the chat and pick it up from where you stopped but be sure not to be asking her lots of questions as this can be a big turn off for ladies.


Being scarce and not always around will give her the space to miss you and think about your last conversations together, you shouldn’t be always available if you want to retain the quality of the love. it’s a simple rule of ‘why water is more cheaper than coke’.


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