May 6, 2024

8 Ways To Tell She’s Not Busy But Ignoring You On Purpose.

There are some women that can bluntly tell you they aren’t interested in you while some obviously try ignoring you, but most of them prefer being subtle and keeping things on the level of body language and this, unfortunately, leads to many guys (who doesn’t understand body language) chasing women that they shouldn’t be wasting their time on because they can’t accept the fact that she’s simply not interested.

A quick fact: a lady can tell whether or not she’s interested in you almost immediately when she meets you.


8 Signs She’s Ignoring You

Here is a list of eight signs from which you can deduce your stand with her because, in the end, the emotional turmoil of chasing someone that’s ignoring you isn’t just worth it.


She Never Calls or Text First

Before someone calls or texts you, they’ve already thought about you, but how do you expect someone that doesn’t just care about you to call or text..? You’ll always be the one to do the calling and texting if she’s not interested in you.

Never will she pick up her phone to call or text you because she isn’t even thinking about you in the first place. This can be a sign you should stop wasting your time and energy chasing her.

She Pends Your Chat

It’s always common for a lady who is ignoring you to leave your chat without responding to them, even if she replies at all, it will often take a very long time before you get your response from her.

This behavior is just for you to get tired and stop chatting with her. Persistence will only cause you more stress in this scenario, except you have a strong reason to change her mind towards you; else, moving on to those that will cherish you is advised.


She Cancels Plans

If you’re at all able to plan a date with her, for example, she will always have a reason not to show up, and assuming she managed to attend the date, she’ll always be in a hurry to avoid long conversations with you.

The fact that she showed up doesn’t mean she’s still not ignoring you, she just doesn’t want you to feel hurt or offended in the process of parting ways with you. Let her go and accept that she’s just trying to ignore without being rude.

She Never Returns Calls

While few may return your call when they miss it, the majority will never attempt to call you back. In fact, most of them missed the call on purpose.

If you notice she misses your calls more often, there is a high probability she’s deliberately not picking up, especially if she doesn’t call back afterward. That’s one of the clear signs she’s ignoring you.


She Gives Cold Replies

One of the most obvious ways to know if someone has started ignoring you is through a change in the way they reply to your text. Cold and short replies are a strong general signal that can be found with everyone, either male or female.

A situation where you have to think and think just to come up with an open end question to keep the conversation active and all you get is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply from her or even an ‘ok’ and now you have to start the process of thinking to come up with another relevant question just maybe she can be more open this time…

Calm your nerves! the stress isn’t worth it and even if you think through and come up with another ‘potential conversation starter’ question, she will still kill it off with a short cold reply.

No Eye Contact

No matter how you try, you will never get eye contact if she’s ignoring you. Although this might not be true for all ladies, as some might take chances to glare at you to show their disgust for you, not minding if you see them in the process, yet, the majority will never even stare at you, talk less of making eye contact with you.

They won’t want to stay around you and if they have no other option than to stay around, they tend to act just as if you weren’t there with a little facial display of anger. All these are clear depictions that she’s ignoring you.


She Comes Up With Flimsy Excuses

As written earlier, if she doesn’t want you to feel offended, she’ll give a lot of excuses which will be clearly flimsy. An example of those excuses might be claiming the reason she didn’t attend the date you planned with her was because she didn’t have clothes for the event or her clothes weren’t ironed because she had no time to iron them. A lot of excuses fly when she’s not interested.

She Acts Upset Around You

A good sign she’s not interested is to act angry and disgusted around you so she can decrease the probability of you approaching her. With that, you should actually get the clue and give her space.

The fact that she dislikes you doesn’t mean others will. All you need to do is to man up and move on. Never beg for attention, because you will always get none if you do.


Conclusion on 8 signs she’s ignoring you

The fact that she’s ignoring you doesn’t mean she’s stopped being interested in you,  she might simply be emotionally or mentally stressed out and need some time alone in her own space for a while; maybe just a way to get herself recharged.

The best thing you can do in this type of situation is to allow her the space she wants and watch time do its wonders. Don’t be surprised when she comes back with a stronger love for you.

But in situations where she’s really ignoring you because she loses interest unless she’s really worth getting back to, never add to your stress by trying to get her by all means, she’ll only continue to move farther away.

Get confident, dress cool and follow the rules of attracting a woman and never feel inferior to yourself. Men are meant to attract and not chase, but if you’re finding it difficult to move on, then approach her to know exactly where you stand.

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