3 Ways To Make Eye Contact With Your Crush

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The feeling when you just made eye contact with your crush goes something like this

My soul seemed to have just stepped out of my body for a few moments. My entire body feels light when I stare into her eyes, as if I’m in a gravity-free atmosphere. My pulse skips a beat, my palms are drenched in sweat, and I’m light-headed, as if there are hearts orbiting my brain. My mind wanders off into the unknown, where I consider the future possibilities between me and her.


making eye contact with crush


Flirting can be difficult, particularly if you are nervous around your crush. Eye contact is one of the best ways to flirt because it doesn’t require you to think hard to come up with clever remarks or even know much about your crush.


Eye contact communicates attraction and is relatively less risky in the sense that you don’t need to walk up to them to find out if they like you back or not, thereby risking being rejected. It’s all in the eye.


Eye contact is one of the best ways to flirt because it doesn't require you to think hard to come up with clever remarks. Click To Tweet




Here we have 3 great ways to make eye contact with your crush without risking awkward moments.


Get A Tinted Sunglasses

Sometimes it just generally feels good to gaze at someone we love for a long time, but the eyes just can’t stop behaving like a ball thrown against a wall. The eye bounces away when our crush notices the gaze and decides to return it.


Well, a good way to maintain eye contact is to keep dark or tinted sunglasses on so they won’t be able to tell if you’re staring at them or not and, with that, you won’t have to face the awkward moments of hitting your eyeballs with theirs.


PS: This is applicable if you aren’t close yet or probably haven’t even had a chat with each other or maybe you’re the shy type and you want to look into their eyes without them noticing. Yes, there are some like that, they are not staring to get noticed, they are doing it to actually see the details of their crush’s face and how God crafted them so wonderfully.


Some don't stare to get noticed, they stare to actually see the details of your face and how God crafted you so wonderfully. Click To Tweet


Ask Them For Help

Assuming you’re meeting them for the first time and you’re not really getting them to notice you no matter how hard you try, the ideal action to take in that scenario is to go ask them for simple help just to get them to notice you.


After all, it’s not possible to approach someone without getting a stare from them; an example of help you may want to ask for is “Hi, please can I get  a pen from you? I need to write something” just look for the perfect help to ask for depending on the settings you find yourself, but be sure the help is not monetary lol.


They’ll begin to check you out after rendering the help  and if they like you back afterwards, it’s all in the eye; you’ll see it there. One thing about asking for help is that it is a cognitive bias that automatically (But not certainly) tricks the helper psychologically to like the person they just helped.


This is because by asking for help, you place them slightly higher above yourself, thereby making them feel good about themselves because you admit you needed something, and you feel they can help with it.


They will be glad to prove just that and, because their good feeling is attached to you, they’ll tend to like you more than the way they first met you. A hint to make the Benjamin Franklin effect work more perfectly is to ask for something you know they can afford and not a monetary gift, because asking for big stuff can reverse the case.


Asking for help tricks the helper psychologically to like the person they just helped. Click To Tweet


Make It Look Like A Game

So, if you have been rolling well with your crush but you haven’t made your intentions known yet and you’re seeking to hold eye contact with them, the simple trick is to make it look like a game or a challenge, tell them the first person to take eyes off the other loses the game.


That way, your image is imprinted boldly in their head and they will think a couple of minutes about you/your face before the day runs out and that is particularly  helpful because you not only achieve seeing the details of her face, but you also get them to  think about you later in the day and that’s a form of connection which attract you more to them.


Of course, you want to be sure your crush is in a good mood before you approach them with the idea of playing such game, know when they are happy  before you bring up the suggestion so you don’t get turned down.


Conclusion On Making Eye Contact With Your Crush

Striking eye contact with her and keeping it for a few seconds while you pass her or talk to your friends will definitely go a long way in letting her know you find her fascinating enough to try to get her attention.


However, nothing is more annoying than a guy who looks you in the eye for two seconds before turning the gaze to your breasts! no matter how tempted you are, don’t do it.


Keep eye contact with her to attract her attention and she will feel you’re making an attempt to learn more about her. Ladies understand that the eyes are the window to the soul much more than men and, yeah, it’s a psychological phenomenon.


Ladies respond better to you when they sense you’re interested in learning about their thoughts and feelings rather than their appearance. Try staring at her in the eyes accompanied with a nice smile to see if she returned the smile.


Ladies understand the eyes are the window to the soul much more than men, Big ups to all ladies seeing this. Click To Tweet


It’s good to make eye contact, it’s better to make the move. Eye contact is not enough because each might be waiting for the other to approach first, which may never happen. Take the courage to approach them. They aren’t some kind of gods after all, they’re just the same as you.


Eye contact isn't enough, each might be waiting for the other to approach first, which may never happen. Click To Tweet
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