June 14, 2024
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7 Easy Ways To Attract A Woman Silently

The fear of being rejected is real and that is why we need to be at least 80% sure she’s really attracted to us before we even step out to approach her.


Guys are frequently stressed up while trying to come up with the right words to say to a lady especially in a situation where we can’t even tell if she finds us attractive or not. and that alone can make us lose our confidence and nervously stumble on our words more often in front of her.


However, if you’ve silently attracted her, all of the pressure to come up with things to say vanishes or at least reduces, because you’ve already been able to get her interested in you through the silent means and you’ve gotten it figured out that she’s finds you attractive, that way, you can approach her with less probability of being rejected


Not everyone will sure find you attractive, but the silent means about to be discuss will help you easily filter out those set of people such that you don’t need bothering yourself approaching them and risk finding yourself in the ugly situation of being rejected.


Check out the attraction techniques for men below if you want to take the stress out of meeting ladies and discover how to silently attract a woman.




Exude Confidence

Being confident is one of the biggest way to attract a woman, it’s a huge red flag when you appear timid especially during your first meeting with a girl and that might make you lose her forever.


Oh, almost forgot; this post is about silent attraction techniques, so you don’t need to meet the girl or chat with her now, but of course, the way you walk into the room can add to the reasons you’re able to win her over.


Confidence works hand in hand with appearance and that is why  you feel more comfortable and high of yourself when you’re in your best or a new outfit.


Walking into the room with one of your arms in your pocket and the other doing the Instagram scrolling isn’t a bad idea but be aware that there is a thin line between confidence and pride or the way people perceives you as being proud.

The line between being confident and the way people perceives you as being proud is a thin one Click To Tweet


Pay Attention To Your Posture

The most obvious way to communicate confidence is through your posture, your posture says a lot about you and goes a long way in attracting women to you and bad posture can be can subtly reduce her interest in you, pay attention to your postures.


You don’t want to sit on half of the chair as if it is originally made for two people; take the space and appear comfortable within yourself and that’s when you’ll start being comfortable with others.


Appear Busy

Even though you’re not busy, appear busy! female tend to be attracted to males that doesn’t have their time; the one that just do their things without seeming to notice them at all or maybe the ones pretending not to notice them (sure you can relate)


busy man in suit checking through documents


Sliding on a good sunglasses and focusing on your phone can make a difference while waiting for your date to arrive, that way, she won’t see you as an idle guy that has been longing for her arrival all day.


You can even take a minute excuse after her arrival to “finish up” with what you are doing on your phone before the conversation starts. If you don’t understand why, skip the step and move to the next (I love joking a lot)


Dress Smart And Fitted

As much as appearing confident with a good posture is important, you can’t fully achieve attracting a woman without first feeling comfortable in your own skin.


When your dress fits you well, the feeling of inferiority goes down drastically and your mood for, at least, that period is elevated and you feel comfortable talking to people more than other days.


Keep in mind that matter how expensive and classy a dress might look,  It won’t serve the purpose of silently attracting women if it doesn’t fits you and vice versa, therefore you don’t need to break the bank before you appear nice.


Try Holding Eye Contact With Her

Making eye contact with ladies is another significant way to silently attract them.


When you make eye contact with women, they automatically believe you’re interested in them so you want to leverage on that to silently attract her, give her a cool stare and allow her to catch you staring at her after which you take your eyes off.


Women loves to be the Centre of attraction and when you raise her ego by giving her a friendly stare, she’ll be grateful for that (Although she will not come to you to say thank you)and also start seeing you as the “Not Bad” guy in the process after which approaching her will be much more easier because you would have seen it in her eye if she finds you attractive too.


Charming Smell

Your smell is one of the things a woman will notice first when they come in contact with you.


There was a time we finished up an exam in college and I’m about to leave so I stretched my arm for a goodbye handshake to one of my female friends and she declined and insisted she wants an hug instead, I guess you can tell what the reason is.


Your smell is actually a huge part of attracting women. Get yourself a good deodorant and smell nice and watch the magic happen.


Social Proof

Social proof is a really simple approach to stand out and gain women’s attention. Surrounding yourself with friends (female preferably) demonstrates that you are the type of man who women enjoy being around.


Other ladies in the room will be curious as to what it is about these women that makes them want to be with you. It will make ladies intrigued about you, interested in you, and perhaps even a little bit jealous that they aren’t included.


Bonus Tip

Use the linker rule

The linker rule is simple and it says

Leverage on what is linked to your target to get to your target - Sam Fiero


It’s of high probability that you’re a shy type and a simple linker method you can use is to start with her friends, since her friends aren’t your target, you should have less or no problem approaching and speaking with them.

Pretend not to place her on high esteem but as well, do not be intentional about ignoring her, focus basically on her friends and leverage on your preformed relationship with them to get to her slowly but steadily and before you know it, you’re already rolling with her.


Conclusion – Ways To Silently Attract A Woman

The first thing you should keep in mind is to agree with the fact that women can be attracted silently without having to approach her but while there are some who will be attracted to the extent of approaching you first as a woman, some will merely give out “green light” and you’ll still eventually have to approach them, and if you decide not to approach them, they will struggle with the feeling until it dies out.


The point here is: silently attracting her is not enough to get things going between you both, you actually need to approach her and make you intentions known because if you’re waiting for her to approach first, it may never happen.

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