June 13, 2024
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How To Make Her Feel Good And Confident About Her Body

It’s uncommon to meet a woman in her mid-20s who hasn’t made a negative statement about her body. Most women like to criticize different parts of their bodies.

They prefer to tell you first so you won’t have to emotionally drain them by telling them since they are so insecure to the point where they fear hearing it from others.

Many of us have had the situation of listening to a friend point out their shortcomings. In fact, a study published in the journal Body Image on science direct in 2019 found that 93 percent of college women between the ages of 18 and 23 had unfavorable conversations with peers about their own bodies.

This practice of making disparaging remarks about your own appearance is known as “fat talk” by researchers.

Make Her Understand That Beauty is Subjective

Tell her that it is not appropriate for her to criticize her physique and that you dislike it when she does so also remind her that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you don’t see what she believes makes her ugly when she describes it to you.

Make her understand that it’s not that your perspective of her appearance is superior to hers, but that you’re simply not seeing what she’s talking about. Make her aware that even the ugliest persons are considered lovely by some people.

If she can accept that not everyone sees her as ugly or fat when they look at her, she’ll be off to a good start in loving her body a bit more

Compliment Her

Sincere compliments are one of the best ways to boost her self-esteem and physical confidence. Do it in words and deeds, but be careful not to overdo it because insecure people can quickly tell if you’re genuine or just trying to make them feel better.

Help her wear things that you find appealing as a guy, and let her know that other people find her attractive when she wears those things. Additionally, if you see anything on her that looks lovely, like a dress, let her know and perhaps buy more of that style for her.

Help Her Face Her Insecurities

Encourage her to engage in activities that she may find challenging due to her perception of how they will affect the way her body will appear. Insist that you will find it attractive despite how awkward she thinks it will be and keep your word.

Encourage her by telling her that you adore it when she does it and that it wasn’t even as bad as she predicted. Make her feel at ease doing it in your presence without the fear of being judged or criticized. making her feel more confident

Remind Her You Love Her

Tell her that you still care about her. The strongest emotion is love. If you love her, you love her wholeheartedly. She should also be aware that it suggests that you also admire her figure.

Remind her of her interests and the reality that she couldn’t do anything without her body while still showing her affection.

Even though you’re not the world’s strongest person, try to pick her up occasionally if you can. She’ll probably like it, even if it’s just for the photo.

If she is self-conscious about her weight and thinks she is too heavy, enhance your own strength to appear as though she is easy to carry.

Support her choice as much as you can. If she eats too much junk food, try eating healthier yourself; she might emulate your actions. But be careful not to appear condescending in anything you do.

Encourage her, support her, and tell her she is stunning. Join a gym or go for jogs together, and always remind her that beauty is in the eye of the beholder if she ever decides she wants to change the way she looks.

For all women, the subject of being labeled “fat” or “overweight” is delicate. Ask her if there is anything she wants to do about it and follow up with questions. What changes does she wish to make, if those changes are not too risky, then support her.