June 13, 2024
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How To Give A Sincere Compliment

Everyone enjoys receiving compliments, but it can be difficult to give them. Someone may not appreciate your compliment if you do not use appropriate language.

The best way to give a compliment is to say it with sincerity and to say something you truly believe to be true. and of course, something that you believe is obvious to the other person.

How Do Sincere Compliments Make People Feel?

People notice when you give a bad or insincere compliment, but they may not bother to point it out because, sincere or not, you are merely trying to make them feel better about themselves.

However, a sincere, kind, and thoughtful compliment is always the best and most effective. A simple genuine compliment can instantly brighten someone’s day and give them a sense of worth.

Compliments should be sincere; if you force them, they could come across as sarcastic or offensive.

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How To Give A Sincere Compliment

Go Deeper Than The Surface

It’s simple enough to choose the first characteristic you see in someone and compliment it. A good compliment goes deeper than simply saying, “I like your shirt,” or “Nice hair,” to just about anyone.

Before you say anything, pause and consider what about the person you truly admire. If it is evident that you truly mean what you say, your compliment will be valued.

Point Out Their Abilities.

When you notice something important to the person you’re speaking with, a compliment about it will always feel much more special to them.

For example, complimenting an entrepreneur on their time management abilities is one of the most effective things you can say to them. Giving people an applause for an ability they perform best at almost always results in a smile.

Avoid Their Insecurities

Some insecurities are physically obvious, so avoid them when giving a compliment. For example, if someone is obviously ugly, do not go ahead and tell them they are handsome or beautiful just to make them feel better; they will not take it as such.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to compliment someone about their insecurities, find something else to say or let it slide.

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Be Real

A sincere compliment can make someone’s day while a fake one can actually ruin it. If you’re not sure if you like what you are about to compliment someone about, just don’t bother doing it at all.

Being real with your compliments simply means paying someone a compliment for something they have done, something they can do, something they are putting on, or their physical appearance that you truly admire rather than paying them a compliment to win their favor.

Be Specific

When you meet someone, whether they are someone you know or a complete stranger, avoid trying to give them two or more compliments. One compliment is always sufficient, so resist the urge to give more just because the first one you gave made them beam with delight.

Be specific; if it’s their white eye, only compliment the white eye; if it’s their smile, just acknowledge only that and move on.

Another way to be specific is to avoid the generic compliment that just anyone can say, most likely, you don’t hesitate to say, “Good job! ” to a friend at the football field, for instance, but there isn’t much information in that statement that is helpful.

Generic compliments like these may be acceptable for normal interactions but if you use them frequently, you risk being perceived as shallow.

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If you see someone and notice something you like about them, tell them. Life isn’t always easy, and people go through a lot, so make their day by complimenting them.

Don’t deceive people by complimenting them just so they’ll like you or compliment you back. You never know what people are going through and how your positive energy can brighten their day.

When you spread positivity, you gain a more positive outlook on life. You can’t spread positivity and be gloomy or sad yourself, so compliment someone when the opportunity arises.

You should probably refrain from complimenting someone if you find it uncomfortable doing so, especially if the compliment is to be directed at a total stranger.

To develop this social skill, start with close family and friends. Never attempt to force a compliment because if it is not immediately obvious to the person you are complimenting, it won’t be taken as you intended.

Make your compliments to strangers brief. Try not to get too personal. It’s a straightforward but effective compliment to tell a total stranger they have a beautiful smile or compliment them on what they are putting on. However, complimenting a stranger on any of their physical body parts is completely inappropriate