May 6, 2024
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Signs He Likes You But is Playing it Cool

Understanding a man’s feelings towards a woman is a complex and multifaceted task.  A man’s difficulty in approaching a woman he likes could stem from various reasons such as shyness, fear of rejection, concern over running out of things to say, wanting to keep his distance or a sense of pride.

These factors contribute to the man playing it cool and disguising his genuine emotions, believing that acting aloof is preferable to exposing his vulnerability.

Understanding the signs that a guy likes you but is playing it cool and learning how to approach the situation with confidence can help to clear up the confusion.

By being aware of the various reasons why guys play it cool, you can determine whether someone is truly interested or simply trying to maintain their cool demeanor.

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However, no matter how hard they try, there are always some subtle but powerful indicators that can’t be ignored that show they like you but are trying to keep it cool; here are 20 of them.

15 Signs He’s Crushing On You But Playing It Cool

You Browse it on Google

You aren’t expecting this but it’s the first sign he secretly like you but is hiding it, before you pick up your phone to check a post like this, there are some signs he’s not completely able to hide that made you come on google to confirm, even if there is no evidence, your instinct is more likely to be true. However, it is not a surefire indicator, which is why we have others below.

He Act Like You Don’t Exist

This may come as a surprise, but if he’s someone you haven’t met before; perhaps a new coursemate. We meet people and greet them normally, but when guys see the girl they like, they will overly concentrate on their phone or keep their face straight and pretend not to see you, but it will be evident he’s simply being shy and nervous.

Your Presence is Enough for Him

Only your presence is enough to make them happy, knowing full well that there will be no discussion (again, using a new coursemate as an example), he will be on the lookout for you first thing in the morning and make sure he knows where you sit so he can steal some random glances at you during the day. Your single smile can brighten his day.

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He Suppresses His Emotion

He will often repress his emotion whenever you’re around in order to maintain his cool demeanor. He’d be the happiest after looking for you and confirming your presence, or even when you greeted him or ‘he was opportuned’ to help you with something, but he’d never show it in your presence.

He Steals Glances at You

stealing glances is one of the clearest signals he has a crush on you, especially if he is shy! He attempts to sneak glances at you while you’re not looking, and you might catch him staring at you a few times, but he’ll always look away, most likely to the ground or his friends.

You Can Sense Nervousness All Over Him

Nervousness will always be found in a shy guy who likes you but is too afraid to approach you. If you happen to strike up a conversation with him, he’ll do his hardest to be perfect, but you’ll notice that he stumbles over his words or has sweaty hands, which will further show his nervousness.

He’s More Comfortable Behind The Screen

Because they can’t see you, shy guys feel more at ease communicating with someone they like behind a screen. This also helps to lessen the likelihood that they will sound foolish because they have plenty of time to think of what to say and double-check their spelling, which they can’t do when speaking to you in person.

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He Pretends Not to be Jealous

If you hang out with other guys or talk about them, he’d be having a bad day. When we’re interested in someone, we don’t want to hear about potential romantic competitors, and anything involving other men will always make him feel jealous, despite his best efforts to conceal it. However, these emotions are not very easy to hide.

His Friends Knows About You

This is a well-known clue for determining whether a guy has a crush on you but playing it cool or uninterested. When a guy likes you, his friends will definitely know about it; and anytime his friends meet you, they are pleasant and treat you extra nicely and specially. His friends may become impatient with him at some point, and they may be the ones who tell you about his feelings.

His Body Language Says it All

No matter how hard he tries to disguise his emotions, his body language will always let him down. If his hand, legs, or feet are pointing towards you, it’s a sign that indicates that he has strong feelings for you. It’s a big hint if he’s leaning towards you, putting himself near to you, or mirroring you. —- Mirroring is when he deliberately or unconsciously replicates your actions and gestures.

He Tells You All

If you’re already friends, he’ll act obsessed with you, telling you about his day and trying to talk to you about anything unrelated to flirtation. He’d spill everything and try not to make you feel bored. He may even go so far as to download memes to show you. But one thing he won’t talk about is other girls.

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You Feel Good Around Him

If interacting with him feels different than interacting with other guys and you feel good with him, there’s a strong possibility he’s treating you nicely, which could also be an indication that he’s interested in you but is just trying to play it cool.

He Asks a Lot of Subtle Questions

A person who likes you will undoubtedly want to know more about you, but in order to avoid offending you by sounding like a job interviewer, he’d be clever and subtle about it. For instance, rather than bundling all the questions together and saying the annoying “tell me more about you,” he’d rather ask them one at a time so that you could easily come up with answers without stress.

He Remembers Little Details & Special Days

He will most likely keep what you tell him in a particular spot in his heart where he will not quickly forget; he reminds you of some cool things you mentioned that you yourself have forgotten. He’d also remember your birthday. this can also be a quick psychological sign someone likes you.

He is a Good Listener

Crushing is a funny experience. If he’s feeling attracted to you, he’ll always find it tough to leave the conversation first even if he has a ton of other things to do. And if he musters the confidence to tell you he’d be back in 10 minutes, he’d definitely return to continue the conversation within the promised timeframe.

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Closing Thoughts

Whatever the reason, he will let you know over time. He might be waiting and preparing for the ideal moment or learning how to initiate that kind of conversation. But what if he is a timid guy that may never confess his feeling forever?

We definitely aren’t in the 1990s where women don’t approach men; if you also like him, simply ask him “how do you feel about me?” Sometimes, what those types of guys need is a little push and a conducive atmosphere and they’d feel relieved to express their feelings.

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