June 13, 2024

20 Things You Can Experience Only Once in Your Lifetime and Never Again.

Life is a gift, and an opportunity to experience and explore but until we start seeing it as a gift, it will not make much meaning to us.  It’s easy to dismiss life as a blessing when it looks like we’re stuck somewhere and don’t see any progress or change rather than repeating the same routines day after day.

But the reality is that the routine that you repeat day after day is also something you should be grateful for; There are occasions when you witness something that will never be seen in the same way again and  there are some things in life that you will never be able to repeat again, which is why you should cherish every moment of the things you did and know you can still repeat.

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Here is a List of Things You’d Most Likely Experience Just Once


Opening our eyes to this world of beautiful struggle, allowing us to open the gift box of life and experience daily surprises from its sweet or sour contents. Of course, that only occurs once.

Virginity Loss

Some people refer to it as losing your innocence, but whatever term it goes by, it won’t happen twice.


Death is another significant event that everyone will undoubtedly encounter. Although near death experiences can occur frequently, death itself will only happen once.

First Step

Another awesome event that will only happen once is the first time you have the guts and risk to stand up on your own as a child in the face of the awareness and fear that you might fall.


The phase when you have to live a carefree and worry-free life because some people have your back is bliss in and of itself. Even if it happened once, The memories of those days never really die; they linger in our minds to make us smile whenever we recall them.

Wedding Ceremony

It’s a great and lovely experience and a special day to be dressed in an expensive suit as the groom or in a totally white flowing gown as the bride, but it doesn’t happen twice.

First Earning

You’d probably be a teenager at the time, and you’d definitely recall what it was like to hold the first money you earned for yourself rather than receiving it as a gift. Earnings after that revert to normal.

Donating a Kidney

Giving out your kidney as a form of donation is something you can’t do again because kidneys don’t regrow and you can only give out one or you’ll die. However, donating a kidney is not advised; everyone got two for a purpose.

Death of Father

The death of our wonderful father, who has been with us from our birth to the current moment, is undoubtedly heartbreaking, but it will only happen once.

Death of Mother

The same is true for our mother; it will most likely be more painful because of the tight bond between mothers and their children, but it will also not happen twice because we did not enter into this world through two persons.

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Jumping Down an Airplane in Motion

This is intended as a joke, but I’ve never seen someone who jumped out of a moving airplane without a parachute survive, it’s always the end, I’ve never done it myself, so don’t do it haha.

Regrow A Full Set Of Teeth

Being born with milk teeth, the shift to permanent teeth will only happen once; if you lose a tooth or two after that, it will most likely not grow back.

First Day in School

You may not remember your first day schooling probably because you were little, but you should remember your first day of high school or college; those days are gone, never to be experienced again.

Moving Out of your Parent’s House

This is one of the most important decisions we make as young adults; it is time to stand tall, confront reality, and begin preparing your own life. It’s an experience that generates mixed emotions.

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First Kiss

Not much to say about this; the experience is always different from the subsequent ones, and it will never return; the first is the first.

Self Discovery

It can also be referred to as your rebirth; the day you discover your life’s purpose and realize who you truly are and where to concentrate your energy. Many people come and go without the experience.

Traveling  Round The Word

Many people have traveled around the world, but we haven’t heard of anyone doing it twice.

Drinking Poison

You don’t need me to tell you this but i will anyway: Don’t try it anyplace, including at home. Some risks should not be taken, some experiences should not be explored, and some things are best observed from a distance. One can only consume poison once before they can no longer live to consume anything else.


The perplexing stage of puberty in which all the signs and symptoms begin to emerge since you were not informed earlier; if you were informed prior to the stage, it would be less perplexing, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Being Castrated

Losing your reproductive organ, whether as a man or a woman, is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience; once gone, it’s done!

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