May 7, 2024
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20 Things Everyone Gets to Realize at Some Point in Their Lives

Life is an unpredictable journey, and just like a mystery box, we never know what will be revealed or what we will receive. We only know that we were born and then we began living, and life began to surprise us with what it had in store for us, some good, some bad, some sweet, some sore, and then we began struggling for survival and realities starts to set in. It makes no much difference whether we find this early or late in life, but it is a truth that everyone gets to realize at some point in their lives that:

You Can’t Satisfy Everyone

No matter how hard you try, you can’t satisfy everyone around you. Don’t let trying to please everyone drive you to compromise on who you are or what you stand for. The sooner you are aware of this, the better. Learn to accept the fact that you cannot please everyone. Instead, just be yourself and you’d begin to attract right people who will accept you for who you are.

You Can’t Get Love From Everyone

Even if you spend your entire life trying to please people and even offer your body part to save people’s lives, the harsh reality is that you will always have certain individuals who will criticize you for every single action you take; these people are known as haters. The more powerful and influential you become, the more plentiful they become. Simply being yourself will attract like-minded people who will resonate with your personality; then focus your attention on those people while ignoring the hates.

We Meet To Part

This is so true that it even applies to our beloved parents who brought us into this world, regardless of how long it may seem we’d separate with people we meet, some to meet again presumably in the future and some never to see again probably because they died.

Time Ticking

Time does not respect anyone; the clock keeps ticking, and no one can ask time to wait for them to complete a work. Compare 10 year ago with this present day, does it look like a very long time? Time is ticking, and it’s ticking fast. Get rid of procrastination and take the action you’ve been putting off for so long; don’t be the kind who wakes up one day to realize they’ve wasted a lot of time and then starts regretting; the moment is now to complete the tasks on your desk.

Self Love

The only one you can love unconditionally without future regret is yourself. This should not even be a point of contention; you may have had one or two breakups where you eventually blamed yourself for giving them your heart and regretted going all in, but I don’t think you’ve ever regretted treating yourself nicely, and if you have, it could be a symptom of a lack of self love that needed to be worked on thoroughly.

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We Only Move Reasonably Fast With Leverage.

You can’t really accomplish much as a lone person without the help of others and the only way to make reasonably fast progress is to use leverage.  To accumulate riches, all affluent and successful people throughout the universe employed either financial, operational, or both leverage. When you borrow money from a friend to start a business and then profit from it, you have leveraged his finances (Financial Leverage). Before a salary earner is paid a particular amount in a month, he or she is most likely earning the same amount or perhaps more to his or her employer’s account. The act of exchanging time, effort, or knowledge for money is referred to as operational leverage.

Death Is Inevitable

Everyone will eventually have to experience what it feels like to die, sooner or later. This is a simple reality that most people don’t want to accept, nevertheless, it remains true either we accept it or not

No One Can Accurately Predict Tomorrow

As we get older and begin to contemplate more deeply, we understand that no one knows what tomorrow may bring. Even weather forecasts fail, and soothsayers’ predictions turns out to be incorrect. Everyday will always come like a surprise mystery box gift package, unwrap it and enjoy its content.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Everything we can see, feel, or touch is transient. Nothing lasts forever, not even our lives as humans; everything fades away with the passage of time. More reason to quit regretting the past, live in the present and look forward to the treasures the future has in store for us.

We Don’t Really Value What We Have Until We Lose It

This is not always due to carelessness or indifference, but rather to how humans are designed in general. We place less value on what we currently have and place greater value on what we haven’t been able to acquire yet.

We don’t really value what we have access to until we lose it, and no matter how many things we have, we will always have new wants that will never be entirely met, and we will only see the true value of the ones we already have when we’ve lost them.

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Problems Are Everywhere, Your Perspective Towards it is What Makes All The Difference.

On your path through life, you will encounter problems and obstacles; how you handle them will ultimately determine whether the problem overshadows you or propels you to greater height.

We’re Not Wrong or Bad, We’re Just Different

Someone may not view something as wrong even though you do, therefore it doesn’t make them bad just because they’re doing it. All of our beliefs are the result of societal conditioning and upbringing. Do not despise or condemn others because you were taught that what they are doing is wrong. Social conditioning may lead you to believe that a particular tribe, culture or religion is terrible, but assuming you were born in that other religion, and you find your parents practicing it, wouldn’t it have been your religion as well? We are not bad, we are just brought up differently in different locality to believe different things. After all, the diversity of colors in a garden is what makes it beautiful.

Success Is Relative and Unending

What you consider extreme success may simply be normal achievement to others; your definition of success is relative to your current situation, and when you achieve the success you defined, you’ll begin to see success on a higher level, and no matter what you achieve, you’ll always have new goals that you feel you still need to smash. The bottom line is that all of our hard effort to obtain success is really chasing ‘our definition of success,’ which changes as soon as we achieve it.

Only Change is Permanent

The one thing we humans are afraid of is change, yet it is the only way progress can occur and the only thing that occurs constantly and permanently.

If you compare your childhood picture to what you look like now, or compare your thought process during childhood to how you think now, you will notice that there have been changes and that changes have brought about progress. Life is about change, and we must all embrace and flow with it in order to completely enjoy our brief stay here.

Life is Fair

Life is fair because it is not fair to everyone. Even people born wealthy often battle with emotional disorders or life-threatening illnesses; everyone, rich or poor, faces challenges, so, yeah! we can conclude that life is fair.

Karma is Real

Some individuals are aware that you will fully get everything you send out, but they refuse to accept it, which does not prevent it from happening. Most of the time, the outcome (either good or bad) will always surpass what we invested.

A Single Mistake

As we mature, we will realize that there are some things we should not risk; a single error in a single minute can bring a lifetime of pain, therefore avoid foolish uncalculated risk as much as possible.

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Money Perspective

Our attitude toward money is what will determine whether we attract it or repel it. It is written in the holy book that “money is the root of all evil,” but it is also written in the same book that “money answers all things,” so why would you want to focus your energy on the former and hope to attract money?

Failure is Unavoidable

Even if you are the most fearful person on the planet when it comes to taking risks in life, the fact that you do not take risks has rendered you a lifetime failure, so even if all you do is sleep and wake, such an individual has failed. And if you take action, there are some things you will inevitably fail at. Our consistency in taking good risks toward achievement is what propels us to eventually succeed.

Wants Over Needs

The difference is that wants are the fancy things we acquire to gratify our constantly changing desires, whereas needs are things we must have in order to live an ideal and functioning lifestyle. Because people prioritize their wants over their needs, the majority of the world’s top firms and wealthiest individuals today produce goods and services that cater to people’s wants rather than their needs. Think through and devise a strategy to leverage on this information.

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