50 Cute Tweet About Self-Love

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Many young people today struggle with self-love, perhaps as a result of past trauma or life events that don’t turn out the way they had hoped. However, self-love is the key to happiness because it gives you a sense of security and self-confidence.

The genuine love we seek every day can only come from within, and if we lack self-love and self-confidence, no amount of love from others will be enough to satisfy us. Here are some tweets on self-love that you may post on Twitter to inspire both yourself and your followers.


50 Self Love Quotes for Twitter


Be kind, but don’t sacrifice your own well being in the process.


You can perceive the love from other only when you love yourself first.

It isn’t called selfishness, it is called self-love!


Prioritize your peace of mind and eliminate anything that may want to disturb it.


Do personal things for personal reasons; you owe no one an explanation.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from those who disrespect you.


Moving on after a heartache means not loving someone new, but having no one to love but yourself.


You’re beautiful and amazing, but only until you agree with me.

One of the biggest expressions of self-love is letting go of toxic people.


I love myself, I am unique, I am able, I win!


Fix yourself and pull up again!


You only discover yourself when you vibe alone

If only you could recognize your worth and ability.


Give yourself the admiration and care that you merit.


It just won’t happen that someone loves you more than you love yourself.


Shit happens, but neither lose sight of your self-worth nor let go of self-love.

When last have you taken yourself out on a date?


Begin with loving yourself to activate the magic of attracting genuine love.


Always prioritize your mental health before anybody or anything else.


Go on a fun trip to discover your happiest self.


One who is incapable of loving himself sincerely has no genuine love to offer others.

Do what makes you happy always without apology.


Never forget the kind of life you promised yourself.


None of your mistakes justifies being cruel to yourself.


Pretend you never knew them and move on!


The biggest skincare routine is loving yourself and prioritizing your peace over any other thing.

Yourself first, others comes after. Belong to yourself not any other person.


imagine giving yourself half the love you’ve spent on those who subsequently hurt you.


When last have you been happy? What made you happy? Do it again!


You were by yourself before you met them so why losing yourself after they left?


Love yourself, and when anyone hates, show them how beautiful your middle finger looks.


Self-love is the highest frequency that attracts to you everything you want.

Self-love is an habit, develop it!


Pamper and buy things for yourself, you deserve more.


Loving yourself is the same as making room for what you desire.


Be extra heavy on self-love. That’s the only love you give with assurance of no regret.


It’s a beautiful day to love my self more than yesterday


Love, trust, give, but don’t get used!

Accept your weakness, discover your strength and love YOU for who  you are.


Self-love can be as little as liking your own tweet.


Let go, love yourself, be open minded and let the universe send your packages your way.


Don’t forget to put your own happiness first.


The moment you discover the magnificence of self-love, you immediately transcend to a completely brighter world

Pick yourself up, clean yourself, radiate, and be joyful again; it is the greatest comeback ever!


Your happiest version is waiting for you; don’t delay in picking yourself up and going to meet it.


If the request will have an impact on you, make it a habit to say NO without hesitation.


For practically every situation, we need confidence, and we can’t fully demonstrate it without first loving ourselves.

Your need for or desire for compliments from others decreases as you learn to appreciate and esteem yourself more.


If no one loves you, love yourself, if no one gifts you, gift yourself, if no one vibes with you, vibe with yourself, and you’ll see you’ve drawn a lot of true love with time.


You’re cheating yourself by not loving yourself.


We hope you found one or two of the tweet ideas that resonates with you. You may also want to check out love and trust quotes or see our top picks on the best budget-friendly gift ideas for your man.


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