June 13, 2024
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10 Things in Life That Never Comes Back


Time is the first and most important thing that never comes back once it is gone. Despite being taught about the importance of time since childhood, only a few people are able to use it effectively. Time is a supreme force that is both free and priceless; it cannot be owned but can be used; it cannot be earned but can be spent; and once lost, it cannot be recovered.

Ticking as I type, and still ticking as you read. Time is the constant in life, whereas we are the variable because we come and go. There is no getting around the fact that time lost is forever lost.

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Trust is another thing in life that never come back to its previous perfect form once broken, it is like a paper, once it’s crumpled, it can never be perfect again. Imagine sitting on a chair with one or two bad legs unknown to you, and then falling off after five minutes.

You may decide to completely replace the chair or manage it, but when you decide to manage it (perhaps because there are no more chairs available), you can’t sit comfortably on it like the first five minutes, and you’d rather be careful so that when it decides to fall, you’ll be able to quickly pick yourself up and not fall with it.

That is exactly how trust works. When we trust people, we believe there are certain things they will always do or never do, but when that belief is compromised, no matter how minor, we can no longer relate to them thesame way we used to, some things will definitely change, and it can’t be undone.


This isn’t the best analogy, but it should get the point across. Imagine chasing kids from their playing ground as an adult; the first day, they’d respectfully leave, probably for another playing ground or back home; the second day, they might leave, but reluctantly; the third day, they’d start to take you less seriously and see it as your habit, making them adamant; that doesn’t mean they won’t leave when you chase them away but they are back there as soon as you’re out of sight.

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There is nothing you can do to get them to obey you as respectfully as the first time you sent them away. We often have a lot of respect for people when we don’t know much about them yet or when they have qualities, skills, or knowledge we don’t have, but as we get closer, relate more frequently, or acquire the same skills, qualities, or knowledge as them, we tend to lose that respect and can no longer respect them the way we once did.


Other than the more frequent errands we get sent on, this is probably the sweetest stage of life. When we interact in person rather than online, when we have genuine friendship connections, when we play from dawn till dusk, when we don’t have any problems with worry, anxiety, or mental health, when we don’t even care how bills are paid, that is childhood, and it will never return; all that we have left are memories to occasionally smile about whenever we reflect on them.

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An Opportunity

It is understandable that life presents us with many opportunities, but each opportunity is unique; a single opportunity cannot present itself twice; once lost, forever lost; and this is why we must always be on the lookout for every single one that comes our way; it does not always stay forever, which is why it is called an opportunity.


Death is another painful irreversible event that makes us feel like life isn’t fair, especially when it happens to someone close to us, but isn’t life fair to be unfair to everyone? Be grateful for the people in your life and make them feel good now that they  can still feel because once a life is lost, it will never be recovered.

Spoken Words

Despite its lack of bones, the tongue is the most powerful and dangerous part of the human body. Whatever words are spoken remains spoken regardless of the circumstances. Even if you wanted to, they cannot be reversed. You can only be forgiven for what you said, but what you said ay not easily be forgotten. As a result, the right choice of words is extremely crucial in our day to day interaction.

A Tooth

The transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth is natural, and everyone goes through it at some point during their childhood. However, if you lose a tooth later on, whether by accident, removal due to decay, or other means, it is unlikely to grow back, and the cavity left behind will remain there forever.

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Another is age; once it’s gone, it’s gone for good; you’ll never be that age again; make the most of every year and do things so you’ll have things to smile about and good memories to reminisce on when you’re old.


A broken hymen can never regrow or be restored. When virginity is lost, it is gone, never to return.


The Money You Gave Your Mother

Mothers are amazing creatures. Back in the days when you were a child and someone gave you some cash as a gift and your mother asked you to lend her the cash or maybe you willingly gave her the money to keep for you, do you remember the money coming back? similar to the money you lend your best friend—they never return, lol.


Most importantly, don’t lose sight of yourself or who you are, don’t let past mistakes interfere with present happiness, keep taking risk, keep pushing, keep being consistent, a bend in the road isn’t the end of the road, wish you successsssss!!

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