June 13, 2024
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How To Stop A Girl From Asking You For Money

Before you consider any girl who approaches you for money, there are a few things you need to consider. What is her relationship with you? and how valuable the relationship is to you? You may also want to analyze why she asked you for money; is she genuinely in financial difficulty? Is it because of her poor money management? or is she merely entitled to other people’s money?

Why you should ask yourself those questions is because there are some girls who aren’t worth it; no matter how much money you give them, they will keep coming back and never appreciate, ideally, the only people who are constantly supposed to be collecting money from you are your wife and mother, so if a random girl makes it a habit to ask you for money, you may want to reconsider your relationship with them and cut ties.

It’s understandable to be in a scenario where you’re unsure of what to say to a woman or, more likely, your partner who keeps asking for money. You want to stop giving her money, but you also don’t want to hurt her feelings. Here are a few quick and simple strategies to stop a girl from asking you for money while keeping her interested.

How to Avoid Being Asked for Money by a Girl

No Show Offs

How you begin your relationship—or how you persuade her to get involved—is crucial in predicting how long the relationship will last or how quickly it will end. This is just the truth; it’s not meant to scare you. Some men don’t know any technique to woo a lady other than using money or material possessions.

This is not to imply that you shouldn’t give her money or gifts, but don’t let it define your relationship from the beginning. Most guys make the error of considering money and present to be essential and determining factors of how far a relationship can develop from the beginning.

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You might compare the situation to when she was initially drawn to you because you used gifts and money to attract her. In that situation, you must continue to nurture the relationship with gifts and money, or else… you guessed it!

In other words, don’t rush to spend money or buy things for your partner, especially if you can’t handle maintaining it for a long time. She will only begin to love you for the stuff you give her rather than for who you are, and if you go broke or stop buying her things, the relationship may become frigid.

You don’t need to be flashy; you can truly win a woman’s heart without show-offs.  The pompous type of guy shouldn’t be concerned about preventing a girl from asking for money because you can’t complain about ants when you sprinkle sugar all over the place. If you want to dissuade a woman from requesting money from you, no show-offs.

Make Promises

No! Not empty promises. Here’s an example: “Kindly bear with me for the time being. I’m going to put a big smile on your face soon. I’m working towards it.”

This will both make her feel appreciated and enhance her affection for you. Her response will likely be something like this: “Everything will be OK! I see what you’re saying. keeping you in my prayers.” Her reaction will show whether she is in love with your personality or your possession.

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Counter Act

Yes! Why not ask her for money if she’s been tossing bills at you? It seems odd, but it’s not because you need the money or because you’re no longer the man; rather, it’s so she feels the same pressure you do when she asks you. She may not have the money, but she will likely feel bad and apologize for not being able to provide it, and she will see reasons to ask you for money less frequently.

Ask For More Time

So, you must behave like a financially responsible man. Instead of asking for account information as soon as the bills arrive, ask her to give you some time to make some financial calculations to see how much money you have left. When the timer expires, you either give her what you have left (which is less than the amount she requested) or you joke with her, “I only have enough money for your dowry remaining,” followed by a serious text such as “To be honest, I have no money left.” Please allow me some time to make it up to you. Thank you for understanding.”

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Chat Her Less Frequently

A lady who is not your spouse will likely ask you for money since you say hello frequently, text her, and start asking questions that cause her to bring up her needs. If you want to stop a girl from asking you for money, limit the amount of time you spend on the phone with her and the questions you ask; just chat with her when strictly necessary. There are several minor chats and questions you should avoid if you truly want to discourage her from asking you for money.

Be Outright

The last option is to be straight with her, telling her that you have some extra expenses to sort out and there is no additional cash to spare for the moment. If she’s a friend worth keeping, she’ll understand, but if she takes offense, that should serve as a warning sign for you to cut connections with such a selfish person.


Note that giving money to girls or people in general out of kindness is not a bad thing in and of itself. Giving money to your wife or girlfriend is also not bad. It gets problematic when you put yourself in a situation where you can’t refuse to give a girl money because you don’t want her to dislike you; or when you find yourself addicted to ladies and melt like ice whenever you see them.

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Remember that there are many manipulators and gold diggers out there trying to rip you off of your hard-earned money under the idea of love and connection. Pay attention to little details and red flags, and don’t be afraid to cut ties with anyone who puts financial pressure on you as a young man, because if something happens to you, she can leave you to meet hundreds of thousands of other men.

One thing you should take away from this article  is that:

If she  has the courage to ask you for money, also have the courage to say NO with your full chest

Don’t be timid or start giving explanations for fear of losing her, even if you keep giving such entitled girls money, the day you can’t give is the day she’ll leave for other guys without feeling guilty. Pay attention to red flags and stay woke!!

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