June 13, 2024
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How to Stop Simping Over a Girl

So, one of the most common questions is, “Do girls like simps?” So, to clear that up, the answer is a capital NO, neither girls/ladies nor boys/men like simps; They are always trapped in the middle, wondering what they did wrong. So, first and foremost, what does simping feels like, how do you know if you are simping, who are simps and who aren’t? This post will explain all you need to know about simps and how to stop simping over a girl.


A simp is a man with weak social/communication skills who will readily lose his masculinity to satisfy a woman because of her appearance or to persuade her to like him.

Simps are always looking for affection and validation from women and are always willing to run errands, buy gifts, over-compliment, and do all the ‘nice guy stuffs’ in order to please the ladies even if they are not getting any reward for it other than the hope that the woman will like them, which most of the time, will not happen. The term simp derives from the word simpleton, which means foolish or “lacking common sense.”


A simp will go around trying to be nice, but he’s too shy to tell the woman precisely what he wants and hope that she’ll choose him over other people who aren’t as nice as himself.

Being a simp is common because many men lack the courage to approach women, and when they can’t figure out how to go about it , they resort to being a simp, believing it would catch their interest and get the ladies to notice them. However, being a simp is what turns women off the most.


Don’t get it wrong, it’s always nice to do things for the people you care about, and there’s nothing wrong with being nice to people, but if you put a woman on a pedestal and give her so much value that you’re afraid to communicate with her, make yourself her drudge, and do whatever she asks you to do at the expense of your own self-worth, you’re a simp.


Women despise simps and never respect them because of their cowardice and habit of servitude, and they easily take advantage of such men because he is either spending a lot of money, time, and energy on her, running errands for her on a regular basis, among other sacrificial acts with no return on his investment.

She will only text him when she’s bored or when her main real man is not around after which she continue to ignore his text as always. The interesting aspect is that simps finds nothing wrong with being ignored and will respond as soon as she gets bored and texts them again, and will even go out of their way to make her happy.


No matter how many times a woman has offended the simps, they rarely get annoyed because they only have a few female friends in their lives, and replacing them is always challenging since it is always difficult for them to approach another woman.

Despite their friendliness, a simp’s fake and cowardly behavior is another traits that make women dislike them. A simp will find it challenging to argue with any opinion expressed by a woman during a debate since he doesn’t want to be hated.


How to Know if Someone is a Simp

What makes a person a simp or what is considered as being a simp varies from person to person and depends on their definition, but here are the main behaviors that will reveal to you if you are a simp or not especially if you’re fond of  doing them to people other than your partner.

If ladies frequently ask you for money or send you on errands, there’s a quick sign that you could be a simp. Other signs could be:

Always agreeing with everything she says

Avoiding eye contact or hiding on sight of her

Texting a lady repeatedly without receiving a response

Exaggerated laughter and finding everything she says funny

Purchasing a random gift for a non-partner and being excessively nice

Being afraid of having a face-to-face conversation with a lady

Making sacrifices for a lady at the expense of his own well-being

Inability to say no or decline a woman’s request.

Using money as the primary means of winning and keeping a woman

Apologizing when you did nothing wrong

Excessive begging and “Thank You’s”

Seeking compliments

Paying her bills especially when she’s a non partner

Fear of losing women or being disliked by them

Overcautiousness around woman

Behavioral Pretense to gain women approval.


How to Stop Simping Over a Girl

The simple truth is that a man will never win a woman’s heart by being weak, submissive, or ‘nice;’ instead, he will be used and abused. Women, on the other hand, prefer men who are self-assured and respect themselves; they dislike cowards. Here’s how to become just that kind of man.

stop simping

Fix Your Self Esteem

Determine the root of your low self-esteem and address it head on; write down some of your strengths and ability that makes you proud and read them to yourself; if reading books or learning new skills will boost your self-esteem, go for it. The goal is to re-establish your self-esteem, and you will notice that you are less of a simp.


Practice Self Respect

Self-respect is important; if you prioritize it, no one will disrespect you. Avoid constantly calling and texting them especially if they are not reciprocating and know when to walk  away; otherwise, they will perceive you as a nuisance that needs to be eliminated rather than as a kind person who cares about them. Being respected begins with oneself.


Improve on Your Appearance

A good appearance is said to be a major confidence booster; get your hair cut nicely and stock your wardrobe with fitted dresses, practice personal hygiene, and smell nice.


Improve your Communication skills

Another way to stop simping is to improve your communication skills, work on your fluency, and have more physical conversations with women. The more you converse with women, the more confident and at ease you will become with them. Keep your head up and straight while communicating with them, and stop avoiding eye contact.


Avoid Being Timid

You only get nervous because you put her on a pedestal and see her as an extraordinary being superior to you; once you get that out of your head and start seeing her as someone same as you, you’ll be able to talk confidently with her without being shy or timid.


Have Multiple Choices

The fewer women you have in your life, the more afraid you are of losing them, so you try harder to gain their favor. Nobody, on the other hand, will try to dominate you if you have a variety of options. This does not imply that you should cheat on your spouse; it simply means that you should have multiple friends to chat with, multiple course mates to roll with, multiple female colleagues to associate with, and so on.


Don’t Chase, Attract!

Don’t be the one to go out looking for women; high value Men don’t chase women; instead, they make themselves valuable enough to attract them naturally. This can be accomplished by working hard to increase one’s income, developing in-demand skills, or gaining knowledge in a specific field. Make yourself more valuable in whatever way you can. Women chase potentials or results in men.


Be Dominant

Stop begging for attention, sex, validation, or a compliment, and instead be confident and dominant enough to ask for what you want while standing by your words. Start the conversation, ask her questions while she responds, offer her a hug and initiate more often. Reduce the number of “Can I?” questions you ask.


Go Offline Sometimes

This does not imply that you should turn off your phone and disconnect it from its battery; rather, it means that you should know when to end or postpone chat and hang out with your male friends, make your time expensive, avoid chatting her until she gets bored, and practice saying, “I’ll chat with you later.”


Learn to Disagree

Instead of simply nodding in agreement with everything she says, challenge any viewpoint that differs from your own and engage in a light debate, ask questions, and be adamant at times; this will not get you hated, it will simply make you an interesting person.


Have a Standard

Simps has no standards for themselves. Have a standard and learn to never compromise your standards for any woman; for each request you grant, have a good reason for granting it and never feel obligated or pressured to carry out her requests; normalize saying NO unapologetically if the errand will negatively affect you.



Being seen as or being called a simp is bad, The truth is women texts first, sends money, and buy gifts  for guys, but it all depends on how you present yourself,  women do collect money from simps and give it to their real confident partners. there is nothing beneficial in being a simp because by simping, you only get used and attract fake friendship and smile from women.


Simps lack confidence in themselves. In a feeble effort make women happy, they sacrifice their own happiness and self-respect in the process. Be stronger than that. Find the courage within yourself to accept and understand that being alone is preferable to being exploited.


The ability to go after what you want is one of the most liberating feelings, which the simps lack; some simps have one-sided feelings for women but lacks the confidence to communicate it to her.


The best things in life are free, and you don’t have to constantly please others to have them by your side or have their attention. Stop frantically seeking affection, acceptance, and validation from women. Focus on you! It’s great to treat those you care about with respect, but don’t let any girl, or friend, treat you with disrespect and lastly, concentrate your efforts on those who merit it.


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