May 7, 2024
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How to Remain Friends With Your Crush After Being Rejected

The emotional impact of rejection can be so exhausting; I mean, knowing that you will never be loved back in the same way you love them. It’s quite understandable to want to be friends with your crush even after they’ve rejected you; however, while keeping friends with a crush after rejection is not impossible, it may not be the best decision to make.


Let’s start with how he/she rejected you, was it harsh or polite, did they explain their reason for declining or just rejected you without caring, these are the factors you should think about before considering remaining friends with your crush.

If their rejection was harsh, you know you don’t want to impose friendship on someone who doesn’t care about your emotions since they’ll end up hurting you even more, now that’s out of the way, let’s see how to go if their rejection was nice and polite without the intention to hurt you:

Being rejected, whether kindly or harshly, is never the finest experience. It always leaves you feeling emotionally affected and has you wondering things like, “Am I not good, friendly, or financially secure enough?”

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This emotional disrupt does not go away immediately and staying close to your crush almost immediately after being rejected can just make things worse and may delay your recovery process, but life does not end in the relationship aspect, and there are certain people who are too valuable to lose.

If your crush fits into that group of valuable people and you believe staying friends with them will be worthwhile, make sure you don’t start being friends with them right away. Instead, explain to them that you were hurt by their rejection and that you need some time apart to heal.

That could even be a good test to see if he/she is worth keeping as a friend; if the friendship is worth it, they will understand how much their rejection hurt you and will give you the space and probably the support to get over it, but if they don’t seem to care, the friendship is not worth it.


Another human tendency is to value the scarce and devalue the excess; if you’re all over them and desperate to be friends with them, they might reject you again, which is why you should withdraw and give it some more time.

Withdrawing shows them that you are deeply hurt by what they did, and they will be less likely to hurt you again. However, if you continue to cosset them with excessive love, care, and attention, they may take it for granted and treat you like crap by rejecting your friendship without feeling guilty.

It is not always selfish to withhold some of the things we have been giving out if those items are not valued. Do activities that will make you to get over the rejection without apology; simps are the most frequently rejected, so if you are one, it’s time to quit simping over them.


Bottom Line

Friendship after rejection is not the best type of friendship, but if you want to be friends with your crush regardless of the rejection, take your time with it and don’t rush things, hold back on the love, care, and attention you give them, and let them know you were hurt and that some things have changed.

Even if you care, pretend not to care since then is when they will fully understand the value of the attention you’ve been showering on them all along. After all, as human, we are predisposed sometimes not to cherish what we have until we lose it.

However, while you are healing from rejection, make sure you are making yourself open to new people; you don’t want to stay friends with your crush after being rejected in the hopes that one day they may change their minds and accept you out of pity; your self-esteem should be maintained. You deserve more.


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