What Does it Means When a Guy Cries in Front of You

A man crying in front of a woman

A guy crying is supposed to mean the same thing as a woman crying, but societal conditioning has made it appear as if men are expected not to cry or display their emotions and vulnerability because doing so makes them shameful, cowardly, or less of a man.


Because of this societal perspective that prevents men from expressing their emotions, most men put up the appearance of invincible strength even in the face of difficulty, repressing their emotions and pushing it as far as it can go just to avoid flopping or being considered as less of a man, which is abusive.

This belief is somewhat abusive to men, and it causes a lot of stress to keep it bottled up, but the fact remains that crying is human, and guys cry, but only under certain conditions; perhaps when you have reached a certain level of trust with him, and he now feels safe and knows you won’t judge him.


But let’s not conclude yet, it all depends on the reason for crying, men are complicated and the fact that he’s crying may mean a lot of things other than him loving or trusting you, it may also be a way for him to manipulate you, which is why you need to go through all possible reasons a guy may cry and the perfect response to his tears depending on the scenario.

Possible Reasons Why a Guy Cries Front of You

It’s fine for a guy to cry in front of you; it’s simply another human doing the human thing, but it becomes odd when they cry for an invalid cause. Here are some of the reasons a guy could cry in front of you.


High Relationship Level

His crying in front of you could indicate that you have just reached a point in your relationship with him where he feels safe with you and knows you will not criticize or mock him. He’d probably not do it if the person in front of him wasn’t you, and he’d only do it on rare occasions when he couldn’t hold it any longer.

Proof of Love and Trust

Crying can be the best way for certain men to demonstrate how intensely they feel about you, how much they trust you, and how much you mean to them. If you’ve ever questioned their love to you, most times, all they could do is to cry.


He’s  a Crybaby

Maybe he’s just a crybaby who lacks the self-control to handle his emotions. Those set if guys can cry for any invalid reason, at any time, in front of anyone. They don’t care what you think of them; all they want is to be seen, cared for, or sympathy; perhaps they are mostly the family’s lastborn haha.

He’s a Playboy

The “weeping format” has exploited a large number of girls. They know that ladies’ hearts are soft, so playboys will sometimes get to you through crying. They are pretenders who want you to pity them and start treating them like some sort of “cute little thing that shouldn’t be hurt,” but of course, it’s all planned and when they get what they want, they’ll be out without a trace of guilt.


He’s at the Extreme

There are real strong men who have been through a lot; perhaps they have not been fortunate enough to experience the good side of life, but they have been holding it all together and managing through to the point where their defense wall has been breached and they can no longer “be a man,” so they simply burst into tears and let it all out.

What Should You do When he Cries


a crying guy


To begin, you should be grateful that he is brave and loving enough to trust you so much that he can be so vulnerable in front of you. A man does not cry in front of anyone or any woman (excluding crybabies), but only in front of a woman in whom he has deep trust.



A lady knows how to console her man. A wonderful example of how to comfort your spouse is to make him laugh or grin with your jokes, or to just hold his hand, cuddle, or hug him, or to make him lie on your lap while you caress his hair and give him a soft kiss to comfort him. Not recommended for non lovers.

Support Him

Instead of dismissing the fact that he is crying as a male, attempt to be empathic and learn what has caused the man to grieve so intensely. provide him with the emotional support and comfort he needs, Encourage him, guide him, and make him feel better.


No Judgement

Consider it a completely normal experience of another human trying to release bottled-up emotions; don’t condemn him, question his masculinity, or say things that will send him farther down the emotional spiral; if you can’t make him feel better, don’t make him feel worse either.


As a result of social expectations, crying men will feel embarrassed, ashamed, and sometimes even guilty for crying. Crying alone can make them feel as if they have failed to meet the standards that society expects of them except they do it frequently or with an ulterior motive in mind.


If you notice any of these feelings in a man crying in front of you, remind him that he is a human being and that he is expected and allowed to cry. Validate his feelings and help him overcome any worries he may have about crying by being supportive without criticizing him.

Tears from a man are not a sign of weakness. In reality, it is a show of strength and responsibility. Crying is humanistic, and guys are human as well. However, don’t be carried away by the emotions in the air to the point that you become a victim of playboys. If he’s not your partner, bear in mind that he might cry as a way to get to you by that means, so don’t do something exceptional just because he shed tears.


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