5 Ways To Make Your Man Love You More In A Relationship

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For every relationship, there is a honeymoon period, the period when we’re the best thing that ever happened to each other and we find it difficult to be away from each other for an hour, it’s a stage!

There is also another stage when our man seems confusing and unpredictable and a lot of thought run through our minds; maybe the love reduced, maybe you’ve offended him or maybe he’s cheating and all you need at this point is a ways to get him to love you more.


Love at the start of a relationship is merely an emotion that excites inwardly mingled with enthusiasm. However, this sensation of euphoria can never remain forever.

It will either blossom into true love with dedication and commitment to your partner or wither away if one or both parties aren’t ready to put in the commitment needed to keep the relationship going.


Here in this post we have some suggestion of what to do to increase the amount of love you get from your man and ways to put in the commitment to revive the feeling of love your man once had for you.



Give Him Space.

Some time his text pops up on your phone and you feel the urge to click, view and reply immediately. most time, you’re even the one disturbing him with a lot of text and calls, you want cuddle every now and then and you always want to stay around your man.


There’s actually nothing bad in those but everything can go bad if those things are in excess. Being clingy feels good at the beginning but it only hurts the strength of your relationship further down the line.


You need to pend his text sometimes and give him some space to think about you when you’re away. Give him the impression that you’ve got other things doing and you’re not an idle woman, that will in turn make him unconsciously feel more affection for you and more attracted to you.


Be sure not to deprive him of attention always, it’s okay just once a while as it can also be so frustrating when you make it an habit.


Get Skillful & Creative

There is nothing as sweet as a creative woman; everyone guy wants a skilled woman in his life and no one wants to settle with a woman that’s not concerned with her personal growth and development.


This might  sound wired but no one wants a woman that is totally dependent on the man for even her menial basic needs; don’t get it wrong, it’s normal to be dependent on your man for your needs but it gets frustrating when you can’t even afford the most affordable item needed at home.


Get skilled, Get Creative, Get something doing and get independent to some extent, you’ll get loved by your man and gain a lot of admiration from others.


Send Him Your Best Pics

The power of pictures cannot be underrated especially if you’re in a long distance relationship.
So maybe you took about 25 pictures during your leisure; do not be tempted to send the whole 25, you’ll only end up spamming his gallery; instead, you can cross check the 25 and pick out the best two or three only.


I understand you’re used to each other, he probably will not get angry even if you send loads of pics but it’s the best practice to send the best and not all, sending your best pics can save your relationship when it’s almost crashing; I’ll explain!


So when the relationship is dormant and it seems it’s heading nowhere and it’s becoming obvious  you are losing him, he might stumble upon that your amazing pic you sent him some months ago and be like wow, this is what I’ll be loosing..? Then boom, his text pops up on your phone again. (Based on real experience).


But as said earlier, only the best pics and only few but  be sure to be consistent with sending him pics especially in a long distance relationship.


 Learn His Favorite Game And Challenge Him.

A lady holding a game pad can be so cool; Most times, ladies that does guys things can be a big turn on for guys because it make them feel your interest in them.


You shouldn’t be around while your man plays single player, it gets boring with time; pick up the other game pad and challenge him even though you know he’s still going to lash you ten times to one lol.. That’s where the love gets stronger and deeper.


 Make Eye Contact With Him

Do not be scared of eye contact; steal glances at him and allow him catch you staring at him before you take off your eye, It’s a very huge turn on you should try out.
Men feels good getting a stare from their woman and from ladies in general especially if you make it look like they caught you staring at them.
You might win yourself a warm cuddle for stealing a glance at them and of course, stronger love for you.

PS: Just as you’re attempting to attract his attention, be moderate about it because you don’t want to be perceived as being too clingy and insecure.


Just as you're attempting to attract his attention, also concentrate on yourself because you don't want to be perceived as being too clingy and insecure. Click To Tweet


Bonus Tips

Compliment Him

Give him a random piece of compliment is a good way to make him smile and the more you make him smile, the more you connect to his heart.


Be More Feminine

Show more of  your tender feminine trait,  show him that you can be vulnerable and be emotional sometimes instead of just acting as though you don’t care, those are the things that gets to a man heart and make him love you more in the relationship.



When he’s the only one that always initiate on bed, you make him feel you’re not interested and he’s only forcing you in the relationship, try to balance things up and make advances towards him sometimes,  he’ll feel more better around you this way and the love will sure increase.


Conclusion On How To Make Your  Man Love You More

Give him a little space while getting yourself busy with other things, because:

The more available it is, the less we need it”


Keep yourself occupied with tasks that are more productive; your world does not have to revolve around your man only just because you are in a relationship  with him; make new acquaintances and spend some quality time with them, signing up for a new course to keep you busy is also a good idea.


Don’t be too clingy; it may be sweet at the beginning but in the end, it only gets him tired of your unending availability and of the relationship as a whole.

Best wishes!

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