May 7, 2024
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50 Sis Code Rules For Every Sis

Welcome to our discussion on the “Sis Code”. The term “Bro Code” has been widely known and talked about, but it’s time to shed light on the importance of having code for sisters as well.

The “Sis Code” is a set of unwritten rules and principles that guide the behavior and interactions between sisters. This code provides a framework for building strong and meaningful relationships, promoting mutual respect, and fostering trust.

This post will go over 50 of the “Sis Code” principles, which is just a snippet of Fieracad’s extensive 2000 “Sis Code” eBook. The goal of this post is to emphasize the importance of the “Sis Code” and to provide insights into some of its key principles.

This post is for you if you’re a sister looking to strengthen your bonds with other sisters or just someone interested in learning more about this concept. So let’s dive right in!

  1. When a sis is down, sis must be there for sis until she gets back active.
  2. When a sis is in a tight spot, a sis should always be ready to come up with a cover story.
  3. A sister’s boyfriend is off limits and like a brother to you, no excuses here.
  4. Only get into a relationship with a sis brother with her full permission, same with her ex.
  5. When a sis needs to make amends, a sis should always be there to help her apologize and make things right.
  6. A sis should never compare herself to her fellow sis, every sista is unique.
  7. A sis should never judge her fellow sis, always being supportive and understanding.
  8. A sis should never compromise her own values to cover up for her fellow sis, always making the right decisions.
  9. A sis should always lend a helping hand to her fellow sis when it comes to money, when possible.
  10. A sis should always have each other’s back, even when it means covering up for each other.
  11. A sis should always respect her fellow sis’s man, even if she doesn’t personally like him.
  12. When a sis needs backup, a sis should always be ready to show up and support her, no matter what.
  13. A sis should never put herself in a dangerous situation to cover up for her fellow sis, always prioritizing safety.
  14. A sis should never try to steal her fellow sis’s thunder, always being a supportive teammate.
  15. When a sis’s man is involved, a sis should never judge him, always giving him a fair chance.
  16. A sis should always respect each other’s privacy, never sharing secrets without permission.
  17. A sis should never put her fellow sis in an awkward situation, always thinking before she acts.
  18. When a sis needs an alibi, a sis should be ready to provide one, no questions asked.
  19. A sis should never take advantage of her fellow sis’s financial situation, always being honest and fair.
  20. A sis should never lend more than she can afford to lose, always being mindful of her own financial situation.
  21. When a sis’s man is around, a sis should never talk badly about him, always keeping it positive.
  22. A sis should never pressure her fellow sis to lend money, always respecting her financial decisions.
  23. When a sis is in debt, a sis should offer to help with budgeting or finding ways to save money.
  24. A sis should always support her fellow sis’s relationship, even if she doesn’t fully understand it.
  25. When a sis’s man is present, a sis should always act in a manner that reflects positively on her fellow sis.
  26. A sis should never rat out her fellow sis, always keeping secrets and protecting each other.
  27. When a sis’s man is in the picture, a sis should never try to steal his attention, always keeping it cool.
  28. When a sis needs financial assistance, a sis should always offer what she can, no matter the amount.
  29. A sis should never make her fellow sis feel embarrassed or ashamed, always being supportive and loving.
  30. When a sis’s man is involved, a sis should always be polite and respectful, never causing conflict.
  31. A sis should never make fun of her fellow sis’s insecurities, always being sensitive and understanding.
  32. When a sis is struggling financially, a sis should offer support and encouragement, not judgment.
  33. A sis should never flirt with her fellow sis’s man, always keeping it respectful.
  34. A sis should share her secrets and support her sister through all life’s ups and downs.
  35. A sis must celebrate her sister’s victories and be there to pick her up during her defeats.
  36. A sis should stand up for her sister and defend her honor at all times.
  37. A sis must be honest with her sister and provide constructive criticism when necessary.
  38. A sis should respect her sister’s opinions and decisions.
  39. A sis should be a good listener and offer advice to her sister when needed.
  40. A sis must be there for her sister during times of need and offer a shoulder to cry on.
  41. A sis must respect her sister’s boundaries and privacy.
  42. A sis should embrace her sister’s individuality and celebrate her differences.
  43. A sis must be her sister’s biggest cheerleader and promote positivity and motivation.
  44. A sis should be forgiving and understanding of her sister’s mistakes.
  45. A sis must be open and non-judgmental towards her sister.
  46. A sis should cherish her memories with her sister and keep them alive through shared experiences.
  47. A sis should be grateful for her sister and show appreciation for their bond.
  48. A sis should create a trusting and secure environment for open communication with her sister.
  49. A sis should never badmouth her fellow sis to others, always keeping their conversations private.
  50. A sis must be loyal to her sister and prioritize their sisterhood above all else.

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