July 10, 2024
walking away after a breakup

40 Instances When to Finally Call it Quits in a Relationship

It’s never easy to call it quits and move on, especially in a relationship that has been for years and the thought of life after a breakup is enough to make you want to fix things. However, not every relationship deserves to be fixed; in fact, if your partner isn’t ready for the fixing process, it will remain as it is; in that case, moving on will obviously be the best option because making attempt to justify your reason for remaining in the relationship is, in fact, more like deferring the inevitable, and no matter how long it takes they will eventually break the bad news to you, and it will be abrupt and more painful.


When to Call it Quits and Move on

  1. When you believe you are losing your self-esteem
  2. When you feel the need to beg for their time, attention, and communication.
  3. When you treat them as if they are your top priority, but they see you as just an option.
  4. When they begin to make you doubt your significance in their lives.
  5. When your phone rings and you pray it isn’t your partner.
  6. When being apart from them feels good than being with them.
  7. When you don’t feel the need reconcile after an argument.
  8. When your partner hasn’t moved on from their past and isn’t willing to do so.
  9. When they begin to hurt you for no apparent reason.
  10. When your partner begins to disrespect and belittle you in public
  11. When the conversations become boring, sad, and too serious
  12. When your partner constantly points out your mistakes.
  13. When you are subjected to physical, mental, verbal, and/or emotional abuse
  14. When they cheat on a regular basis, especially with little or no remorse
  15. When you two stop talking and start arguing.
  16. When your partner’s actions begin to contrast their statements.
  17. When your partner repeatedly says things like “you deserve better” and appears to be serious about it
  18. When your partner doesn’t seem to know what they want (most of the time, they do and it’s most likely not you)
  19. When your partner begins to make you feel unwanted.
  20. When your partner begins to see the negative in all of your actions
  21. When you believe you and your partner would be happier apart.
  22. When your absence isn’t noticed and your presence irritates them.
  23. When your life goals no longer coincide
  24. When you can’t really figure out where the relationship is going
  25. When they begin to dominate your movements and control your actions
  26. When you require reassurance in order to feel secure in your relationship
  27. When your partner dismisses your opinion, no matter how intelligent it appears, and makes you feel stupid
  28. When you become accustomed to shedding tears rather than being genuinely happy
  29. When the relationship is one-sided and you are the sole contributor.
  30. When spending time with them appears to be exhausting.
  31. When you walk on eggshells to avoid a fight rather than being free to speak
  32. When you are constantly convinced that you are always the one at fault
  33. When your personalities do not seem to merge.
  34. When your priorities are different and cannot be adjusted
  35. When you cherish your memories of him/her more than the person.
  36. When you no longer find their jokes amusing
  37. When their negativity surpasses their positivity.
  38. When people start noticing changes in your mood and begin to ask what’s wrong
  39. When you have to think about every text, every word in advance so you don’t offend them
  40. When you have to pretend to be someone else in order for it to work


Don’t accept just anyone because you’re desperate for love. And the fact that you are lonely doesn’t mean you should accept or continue with anyone. If you lower your expectations just to have someone, you’ll end up feeling even more lonely. It hurts more when you put a lot of effort into making things work out, but they eventually don’t. It’s preferable to leave when you see obvious red flags and suffer less pain than to waste time and effort on someone who will eventually go away without feeling a bit of guilt.

Relationships are supposed to be one of life’s most fascinating experiences, and if you can’t imagine your own son or daughter having the same relationship as you, then call it quits.

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