June 14, 2024
how to break a soul tie with a narcissist

How To Break A Soul Tie With A Narcissist

The relationship we share with others can deeply influence our lives, creating a range of experiences that interlace our hearts and spirits.

Sometimes, we feel an unexplainable bond with another person that is simply beyond what we can explain.

It’s as if an unseen force weaves delicate threads between our souls, binding us in ways that might elude complete understanding.

However, what happens when we establish this extraordinary connection with an individual who possesses narcissistic traits?

In this article, we will break down the complex dynamics of these suffocating relationships. We will navigate a path toward healing and rediscovering our true selves.


Who is a Narcissist

A narcissist in a relationship is someone who’s really wrapped up in themselves, almost like they’re their own favorite person.

They can be so focused on getting attention and praise that they forget about how their partner feels.

Instead of caring about their partner’s emotions, they might use them to get what they want.

These kinds of partners often want things to go their way all the time and might even play mind games to stay in charge.

This can leave the other person feeling unimportant and emotionally tired. Their interactions are characterized by a sense of entitlement and a need for attention,

Narcissists are characterized by the feeling they deserve special treatment and hence, don’t care much about how their partner feels.

This kind of situation can create an uneven and not-so-healthy relationship where the narcissist’s self-centered behavior takes center stage.


The Negative Effect Of Toxic Soul Ties With A Narcissist

We can describe Soul ties with a narcissist as being close to someone who only seems to care about themselves.

It’s like they suck all the positive energy out of you, leaving you feeling tired, confused, and even sad.

Think of it as a one-sided relationship where they want all the attention and praise, and you’re left feeling unimportant.

Being tied to a narcissist in this way can really mess with your mind and heart.

You see, narcissists often manipulate and control others to get what they want. They might make you doubt yourself or use your feelings against you.

Over time, this can make you feel anxious, depressed, or even question your own worth. It’s like they’re a dark cloud hanging over your emotions.

Being in this kind of relationship can drain you emotionally, Zapp away your positive energy away, and leave you with negativity and exhaustion.

Your mental well-being might take a hit too. You might find it hard to concentrate or make decisions because the narcissist’s influence messes with your thoughts.

The worst part is that these toxic ties can hold you back from living your best life.

You deserve happiness and respect, but being tied to a narcissist can make it tough to see your own value. It’s like their negativity rubs off on you.

But don’t worry, let’s dive right into the steps to cut soul ties with a narcissist, and get liberated from a toxic relationship so you can start living the vibrant life you deserve.


9 Ways to Break Soul Ties with the Narcissist

Soul ties” refer to the emotional, psychological, and sometimes spiritual bonds that form between individuals, particularly in intimate or intense relationships.

When dealing with a narcissistic individual, these ties can be incredibly strong and damaging, making it crucial to sever them in order to regain emotional well-being and freedom.

Here’s a guide on cutting all ties as a way to break soul ties with a narcissist.


Cut All Ties With Them

Cutting soul ties with a narcissist requires swift and deliberate action, particularly when shared elements like living space, finances, or belongings are involved.

Prioritize creating distance and severing all connections without delay.

This could entail securing a new living arrangement, closing joint financial accounts, or relinquishing certain possessions for the preservation of your mental and emotional well-being.

Embracing physical separation is important, as it effectively mitigates manipulation and shields you from emotional distress.


Avoid All Contact

Breaking soul ties with a narcissist demands a resolute approach to minimizing all forms of contact, including digital interactions.

Cut all forms of communication either through social media platforms, messaging apps, emails, or any other channels.

Unfriend, unfollow, and block the narcissist to establish a clear digital boundary.

Erase their presence from your online world to prevent their potential manipulations and emotional intrusions from persisting.


Clear Your Space Of Their Properties

Breaking soul ties with a narcissist involves a process of reclaiming your space and sense of self.

Begin by gently decluttering your surroundings, removing any possessions that hold memories or associations with the toxic relationship.

As you let go of these items, you make room for positive energies and personal growth.

This act symbolizes your commitment to freeing yourself from emotional entanglements.

Remember, this process isn’t just about physical belongings; it’s about reclaiming your mental and emotional space too.

As you clear your environment, you’re also releasing the emotional hold the narcissist had over you.

This can be both empowering and healing, allowing you to rebuild your sense of identity and autonomy.

Gradually, you’ll create a space that truly reflects your authentic self, and in doing so, break the lingering soul ties that once bound you to the narcissist’s influence.


Pen It All Down

In the journey of freeing yourself from the grip of a narcissistic relationship, the act of putting pen to paper can be both liberating and healing.

Documenting your emotions, experiences, and thoughts as you work to break soul ties with a narcissist serves as a powerful form of self-expression.

Writing helps to unravel the complex web of emotions that often come with such relationships, allowing you to validate your own experiences and process your feelings at your own pace.

Pouring out your heart by penning it down helps you to untangle the threads that once bound you to the narcissist, gaining clarity and insight into the dynamics that held you captive.

This practice not only helps you regain a sense of control over your narrative but also acts as a tangible reminder of your growth and strength as you embark on a path to emotional freedom.


Focus More On Yourself

Shifting your focus to yourself involves rediscovering your own passions, strengths, and interests that may have been overshadowed during the toxic relationship.

This process allows you to regain a sense of identity and self-worth that the narcissist might have eroded.

As you gradually distance yourself emotionally, mentally, and even physically from the narcissist, remember that self-care isn’t selfish; it’s an act of self-preservation.

The path to breaking soul ties may not be easy, but focusing more on yourself and nurturing a loving relationship with yourself helps you in reclaiming your life and embracing a healthier and happier future.


Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness while untangling yourself from a narcissistic soul tie is like gently reclaiming your inner harmony amid a storm.

It’s about compassionately turning your focus inward, acknowledging your emotions without judgment, and allowing yourself to heal.

Mindfulness acts as a soothing balm, reminding you that you are not defined by the toxicity of the past, but by the present moment and your innate worth.

Breathe deeply and ground yourself in the now, so you can gradually release the grip of the narcissist’s influence.

This journey isn’t about erasing memories, but about regaining control over your own thoughts and emotions.

With each mindful step, you create space for self-love and empowerment, fostering a renewed sense of freedom and authenticity.


Forgive And Let Go.

Forgiving and letting go while untangling the soul ties with a narcissist is a profound journey of self-liberation and healing.

It’s not about erasing the pain, but rather acknowledging it and choosing to release its hold on your spirit.

Just as a ship lets go of its anchor to sail freely, you too can release the emotional anchors that bind you to the narcissist’s manipulations.

Forgiveness doesn’t justify their actions; it’s a gift you give yourself, a chance to reclaim your power and peace.

Each step you take towards forgiving and letting go is a triumph of your resilience and strength, allowing you to rebuild your life on your terms.


See A Therapist

Seeking the support of a skilled therapist is another way to disband completely from a narcissist.

A therapist acts as a guiding light, helping you untangle the emotional knots that bind you to the narcissist, while also assisting you in rediscovering your sense of autonomy.

Having a session with a therapist with them can aid you in gradually releasing the toxic emotional bonds that once held you captive, and begin to rebuild a healthier connection with yourself.

You embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment, where the focus shifts from the narcissist’s grip to your own well-being and personal liberation after a session of conversation and therapeutic techniques with the therapist.


Do Things That Make You Happy

Engaging in activities that bring you joy while nurturing new relationships with others is a wonderful way to reclaim your sense of self and heal from the grip of a narcissistic relationship.

Pursue a hobby, spend time with supportive friends and family, or embark on new adventures, these positive experiences help you rediscover your own worth and identity.

Often, the reason for staying long within a narcissistic relationship can be due to a lack of alternative emotional support, leaving you reliant on the narcissist.

And this is why you need to make a deliberate effort to make new friends, it might be at the gym, the shopping mall, or that nearby gaming center.

Engaging in activities that bring you joy and making new friends along the way aids in loosening the emotional bonds that once entrapped you.

This process not only helps in breaking soul ties with a narcissist but also paves the path toward a life brimming with happiness, health, and fulfillment.