July 10, 2024
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10 Ways to Get Guys to Chase You Without Playing Games

Figuring out ways to get a guy to chase you and commit to you can be game changer in your relationship. As ladies, we derive joy from the fact that our man can’t just get enough of us and that other men keeps admiring and chasing us; that is one of the good things that can happen to us, it’s clearly understandable; all ladies wants just that!


Even though getting a guy to chase you is more than satisfying, most ladies can’t just figure out where to start or how to make it happen, therefore they often simply do nothing and leave fate to run it’s course in that aspect hoping guys will suddenly wake up one day and start chasing them, and when it doesn’t work out, they feel down, sad, and disappointed.


It’s really doesn’t work that way, and of course, there are few simple tips and strategies that you can leverage on to make yourself really alluring on a daily to either your man or men in general which will make them honestly chase you without the intent to play games with your feelings and of course, those tips are easy to implement.



Real reasons why we want to be chased

  • We feel like men love to chase and if we give in too early, they’ll get bored and go chasing another woman. While this is true to some extent, don’t be surprised some guys just love it exactly the opposite.


  • We feel being “too easy” makes us appear somehow desperate and that if we want a guy to think we’re worth it, we should try to play hard to get even with our own crush. Again, to some extent, it’s not a false assumption neither is it totally true.


  • We feel if we initiate the process, show interest in any way or agree too easily, then we’ll be seen as a slut. Though is may be like that in the past, but the “almost false belief” is fading really fast into the thin air.


  • We also believe that being chased by men reveals their efforts and the extent to which they likes us and their likeliness to stick around if we, in one way or the other, gets pregnant for them. Of course you can tell yourself it’s true only to some extent.


  • It makes us feel good and give us the sense of being able to make choices thereby raising our general self worth altogether.


Why should you get guys to chase you


Its A Huge Booster To Our Confidence

Of course, being chased is not something evil, it is in fact good for our mental health and it’s a good booster to our confidence, it gives us the sense of security about how our looks and maybe behavior is able to attract a man especial if it’s a well to do or good looking man.


It transport us out of the shy oppressed introverted mode that might have been activated probably due to our past experience and makes us now feel some sort of high self worth and happiness.


It Raises Our Self Esteem

Nothing is as sweet as opening your WhatsApp and seeing a couple of messages form different men seeking for at least, your attention and pleading to  get a little chance in your heart, the feeling is sure cool.


This kind of feeling is a potential booster to your self worth and self esteem and you begin to realize your shyness like that of a porcupine is beginning to reduce drastically.


Just be aware that there is a thin line between self esteem and pride and the former can easily transcend to the latter without you even noticing it so be sure to make the thin line more visible to you and stay behind the line because pride can also be a huge turn off for guys.


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To Be Able To Make The Best Choice And Not Settle For Less

In one way or the other, every single person is constantly looking for a greener pasture and this can also be a huge reason why you should get men to chase you.


Not only will your self worth drown to the barest minimum if no one is chasing you, you will as well not have a choice than to go with the one that shows up even though he’s not near your “spec”.


But if men are constantly chasing you, you’ll be able to figure out the guy who’s best for you based on qualities best known to you and you’ll be able to concentrate your energy on him.


♦Now that you’re fully aware of the importance of guys chasing you,  let’s dive into the simple, easy-to-implement tips to make it happen.♦


Ways To Get a Guy To Chase You Without Playing Games


Don’t be a Clinging Vine

This will be about your man if you’re already in a relationship while subsequent points will deal with guys in general.


Being clingy is somehow controversial but the truth is that  it feels good to be clingy at the beginning of the relationship and both parties enjoys it but as time goes on, guys begin to get tired of your termless availability.


It and might even get to the extent when they begin to get irritated by your presence so being clingy is what you want to avoid at all cost and if you want men to chase you and keep chasing you, then you should learn to do more of holding yourself back.


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While avoiding being clingy, you also don’t want to appear busy and choked up the whole 24 hours as that might also give him the impression that you’re not interested in him.


Instead, you can make it seem like you made out time for him from your busy and make sure you enjoy the time together after which you go back to work, do not be tempted to linger or put it all out for him.


Be Enigmatic

Adding a little touch of mystery to your dealing with men can be the simple reason they keep chasing you, Give an honest reply to their questions but do not be tempted to pour it all out.


Even though you like him, you don’t need to explain why you think you’ll be good together or say it all on the first date to impress him, allow him to figure things out along the line, the more you keep things mysterious, the more he’s interested in you thereby making him to chase you.


It can be illustrated as the process of playing an interesting game for the first time; The more you play, the more you want to play so you can figure out how those higher levels will look like.


Appear Attractive

To get guys to chase you, you don’t need to break the bank or wear the most expensive clothing, all you need is to know exactly what looks good and fitted on you and what is suitable in a given situation.


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Try getting some good looking fitted dresses that doesn’t reveal too much but give out a little hint. Consider the situation you’ll find yourself during the course of the day before picking your wears, if you plan on having a long walk during the day for example, then you should avoid wearing high heels and so on.


It’s also advisable to ease up on the heavy make ups, a lot of guys like natural faces and if you’re the make up type, then you want to put things at the middle; no much make up and not totally natural, it’s always cool that way.


Smell Sweet

If you smell good like a garden of rose, no one can pass by you without having to turn back to have a look at who just sent some calm through their nostrils.


Making conscious attempts to smell nice is one of the big tips to get guys to chase you as well as flock around you. Get yourself a unique cologne and personalize a scent such that even when they haven’t seen you, people will be able to tell you are around with the scent of your cologne in the air.


Eye Contact

Of course, eye contact is actually a kind of undervalued magical tactic you should leverage on to get guys to chase you, just try stealing a glance at a random guy and deliberately hold the glance until he catches you staring; do it about thrice in two minutes and take note of what happens.


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Risk Warning: Be sure to try it with someone you actually like because you might end up as his partner if he’s a kind of “go hard for it” guy (Joke intended)


Be Feminine

There are actually some ladies who dresses and do things almost like men and still expect men to chase them all the same, it just doesn’t work that way because the feminine trait is what guys are attracted to in the first place.


Not being feminine is another way to tell guys you’re part of them and they have no reason to chase you. Here’s an helpful article on how to be more feminine.


Be Unpredictable

Yes, be unpredictable and take life less seriously. Flirt with him over text and still reject his offer for a date; stay on his wall and give replies to his chat immediately they come and then go off suddenly and delay to give response for hours, this way he’ll be confused as to why your behavior changes towards him every now and then.


Doing that will make him uncertain as to maybe  you like him or no; if he’s really into you, he will take up the challenge to dig deep and decode your kind of person which will make him chase you more closely and honestly.


Smile Often

Smile is, no doubt an expression of happiness. Even apart from the fact that smile get men chasing close after you, smiling is a little act of kindness from you to people who receive it.


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You can tell that showing a positive facial expression is a huge player when it comes to men approaching and chasing you. No one enjoys  being rejected; if you always frown, men won’t chase you; they won’t even come close because they will feel that the chance of getting rejected is high.


Not only will  they be scared of getting rejected, they will also assume even if you accept them, it will be required of them to constantly do things that will make you and keep you happy which can be really exhausting.



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When the opportunity to smile presents itself, then smile, it’s a gesture of invitation and it makes you really approachable and also give men hope that there is a higher chance with you if they spend their time chasing you.


Be Creative & Skillful

Everyone sure wants to be with a creative and skillful woman and that can be a good reason for men to chase you. Creativity is when  you  can create something beautiful or useful from the combination of little things that are of less worth.


Artistic painting, graphic design, programming are examples of creative skills that, if acquired as a woman, can attract more men to you and make them chase you.


Apart  from being creative, being skillful is of same importance. After all, being skillful is the ability to solve a problem and give out value in exchange for something valuable (Money in most cases) Therefore acquiring a skill is also as important as being creative and it can give same result.


Just that the “skilled and creative” kind of women tends to be always busy with one thing or the other and they smile less, pay less attention to themselves, and never seem to have the time for men, but if you can combine all the tips in this post with being skillful and creative, you will pull a lot of male crowd and get men constantly chasing you.


Talent can also be a plus for you, if you have an expressive talent like music or being able to strike and keep a conversation or any talent at all, put it into action it will only get men to admire you and chase you. you don’t need to continue hiding it.


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Give Him An Impression That He’s Optional

No, you don’t need to look into his face and shout “You’re optional” angrily at him lol. You don’t even need to be plain about it, it’s just something you subtly want him to understand.


One of the mistake that women makes is being over excited about their man to the extent that everyone around and even on social media knows about their affair, especially unmarried couple.


When a guy knows that you’re deeply attracted to only him and your world seems to revolve around him, he tends to lose interest in the whole thing and that is not to say men are wicked or the guy is a bad person;


that is simply how human are generally hardwired and if the attention and commitment is too much from a guy to a lady, she will equally do the same – lose interest.


The point here is to put him in a “competition mode” and make him realize he’s not the only one chasing  you and that he’s optional, but while doing this, don’t be rude or proud about it.


A simple way to do that perfectly especially if he’s a close friend is to send him the screenshots of other guys showing interest in you and ask for his opinion on how to how to reply or how to deal with the situation.


That way,  you’re doing two things simultaneously, While giving him the impression that you’ve got many other men interested in you, you’re also giving him the impression that he plays an important role in your life and you trust him enough to seek for his advice on personal issue.


This will in turn make him chase you honestly without the intent to play games with you because he’s now fully aware that you love him and there is a higher chance for him to win you over than others and he will also know that if he loses you, many other guys are already waiting to value you and even care for you more than he does.

Bonus Tips

Be Financially Independent

A bonus for you is when you are financially independent as a woman, it may not be totally but at least, to some extent. Being able to take care of your menial needs is in it’s own an attractive trait in a woman.


There is nothing bad in depending on your man but let it not be that you have to await his arrival before you can buy a match box. Share on X


Play Fun To Get

Instead of playing hard to get what  you should actually be playing is being fun to get, most men will see you as being too full of yourself if you keep playing hard to get and nothing drives them away than devaluing their personality by raising your own ego.


You can rather make the chasing experience fun to him by paying attention while he speaks, smiling often around him, playing multi player games together with him while making your response to him about dating you linger.


man and woman laughing happily while playing games with wireless game pads
Photo by Vazhnik


And maybe for one reason or the other, you do not want him as a partner, that doesn’t mean you should make him your enemy and stop being nice to him, much can sill be done together at the friend zone.


Closing Thought

Staying around your man 24 hours in a day is no way attractive and even if it’s a sign you love him, it’s not a guarantee he’ll love you back, what mostly  happen is that he gets tired of you.


To get men to chase you and commit to you, do not share all your details or unravel too much while giving response to his questions on your first date, allow him the chance to uncover interesting realities about you on his own, it’s more enjoyable that way. and you’ll gain more compliment than making boast and sharing your details even without being asked.


Another tip for you is being able to love yourself and enjoy your own company, no one else would be able to love or chase you if you don’t love yourself first. dress good, smell nice, smile beautifully and show up gorgeously. You’re enough!!


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