July 10, 2024

Why You Should Never Chase A Woman

You may have heard once or twice that males are chasers by nature and even enjoyed chasing, That may or may not be true.

Of course, it’s obvious that humans value items that are challenging to obtain but should that make us keep on chasing someone who clearly is not interested in us for months or years?

Some men feel accomplished when they eventually catch the attention of the woman they have been chasing for years, forgetting that they’d have to continue the chasing even after the woman agreed to date them probably out of pity.

They will have to grovel for affection, attention, and other things that ought to flow naturally because they are ignorant, stubborn, or weak to let go of a lady who has made it apparent that she isn’t interested in them.

This article will cover the topic of why women make you chase them and then provide you with explanations as to why it’s actually not a good idea to do so. Let’s get in!

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Three Reasons Why Women Make You Chase Them

She’s Not Interested

A woman who genuinely likes you would be more than happy to drop the idea of you chasing her for the sheer joy of it.

Therefore, it’s fairly simple to tell when a lady really likes you based on her speech, availability, body language, and the things that she does when you are near her.

So if you are the one who constantly seems to be doing the chasing, it’s likely that she may not be interested in you, or may you’re not at the top of her list for whatever reason best known to her.

She Wants You To Work For It

Maybe she has all these walls up to protect herself from heartbreak because she has had some really horrible past experiences where the male gender has damaged her emotionally.

It’s a common misconception, especially in today’s society that the harder you try to win her over, the more value you place on her and the more committed you will be.

To Boost Her Self-Esteem

Women enjoy knowing that there was something special about them that appealed to a man.

It sounds strange to say, but some women derive joy from the number of men that are vying for their attention at any given moment. It boosts their self-esteem and some of them even discuss the numbers with their friends.

In an effort to entice men to chase them, some women may even send signals to men, not because they are ready for a relationship with the man to whom they are giving the signal, but rather because they want him to be added to their list of chasers.

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That said, let’s dive right into:

3 Reasons Why Men Should Not Chase Women

To Maintain Focus On Things That Matter

The pursuit of your goals, aspirations or the things that truly matter in life will be sidelined if your primary emphasis is on pursuing women.

Now is the time to pursue your dreams; devoting your time to chasing women will only make you regret it later on when you realize how much time you’ve wasted.

So instead of chasing ladies, concentrate on your goals so that when you succeed, they will be the ones doing the chasing instead.

To Maintain Your Self Respect

If you chase a woman continuously in the hopes that she would finally respond, you will simply come off as desperate and perhaps even miserable, especially if the attraction is not mutual, which will always be a major turn-off for her.

When a woman declines your advances or continues to act in a rude manner toward you while you try to get to know her, it’s better for you as a guy to back off and move on; it shows some measure of respect for yourself.

Whatever you do, stop chasing ladies if she shows no sign of interest since it will just make you seem weak, desperate, and pitiful; it’s better to move on. There are plenty more women to choose from.

To Avoid Getting Into A One-Sided Relationship

If you’re the one chasing her from the beginning of the relationship and somehow managed to win her over through close marking and persistent chasing, then you might continue to chase her throughout the entire relationship until you get tired.

This is because you’ve made her the prize and put her on a pedestal so that you always have to work harder to maintain that attention she’s giving you, and most times it will wear you out.

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If you enter a room where a beautiful woman is surrounded by tens of men who are gawking at her, and she notices you aren’t even looking at her or assessing her as other men do, she will be surprised and her curiosity will be piqued.

She will then wonder who the guy is who entered the room and seemed unconcerned, and her focus will suddenly shift to you. Even though it doesn’t happen all the time, 90% of the time, it always works out that way.

In conclusion, if you start chasing, you’ll probably end up in a one-sided relationship where you’ll have to keep chasing, pleading with her, or paying for her attention.

You will constantly be the one putting in the extra effort and making the sacrifices to keep the relationship going since you have already set the standard for the relationship.

You will also likely be the only one trying to make the relationship work, and eventually, you will grow weary of it because it’s something you can’t keep up with, and that’s why you need to stick to what you can sustain. Don’t start it if you can’t keep it going.

A successful man will always meet little or no rejection when it comes to ladies. Instead of weakly simping over a woman and relentlessly pursuing her, concentrate on your dream, your body, your appearance, and your finances.

You’ll soon realize that you’re a woman magnet; you won’t need to pursue them because they’ll be drawn to you naturally, and there won’t be much or any rejection from women.

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