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man chatting with a girl

Do you want to start a conversation or gist a girl (possibly your crush) about some interesting topics but lack the courage to do so or don’t know where to begin for the chat to make sense? Are you frequently at a loss for words when you have the opportunity to have a chat with someone you like on social media? Clearly, the only thing you need is some basic planning and preparation ahead o time.

The first thing you should keep in mind is  that a person who can maintain a natural conversation on an exciting topic is far more entertaining than someone who has prepared pre-written tips, so what you’ll learn is how to have the free conversation flow and be able to come up with what to say at any given time.

When it comes to relating to others, first impressions are crucial, and they can determine whether a relationship will thrive or die. and when you get the first impression right, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

During your first contact with someone, your brain tends to focus on a few key characteristics, such as their dressing, their posture, and overall appearance, and piece together a basic picture of who they are. This first impression’s memory can last for as long as forever and it will undoubtedly influence your subsequent relationships with them.

Is it expected of you to prepare for that first contact? of course it is . If you want to engage someone for a long time and have a long lasting relationship with them, it is advisable to carefully prepare for your initial meeting with them. While it is important to prepare for your first impression, it is never a good idea to begin writing or memorizing what you will say when you approach them or begin conversing with them.

Girls despise boredom and will go to great lengths to avoid it. If the chat is going stale and nothing fascinating is coming out of it, they may ignore your message and stop chatting with you. This article will teach you how to gist a girl on social media in such a way that she will look forward to chatting with you again.

Have a Good Profile

In physical meetings, first impressions can be enhanced by dressing, smelling nice, and so on, but on social media, your first impression is your profile; in fact, whenever you say hello to a girl, she will check your profile pictures before replying to your chat and as a matter of fact, the difference between replying to your chat and ignoring it could be dependent on how your profile is set up.

Best Practice

  • Have a clear display photo of yourself; you can have a studio shoot or snap a photo with your phone in broad daylight; you can even add a filter to improve your appearance; the more attractive you appear, the more likely you are to receive a response from any girl.
  • Use your face or a character associated with your passion, such as your favorite football player, though it’s best to use a clear smiling photo of yourself.
  • Make your bio short simple and sweet or better still, leave it blank.
  • Set up an interesting profile information about yourself, those girls will check those details before responding to you, trust me.
  • The bottom line is that your profile is your first impression on social media platforms, and even if girls don’t check it right after you say hi, they will check it later and may stop chatting or replying if something is wrong with it. You don’t have to be the most handsome man on the planet to have a good profile, in fact, a good looking man with a bad camera will always have an ugly photo.


Learn About Her Hobbies Before Chatting Her

You want to learn a little bit about her and the things she enjoys before you start chatting; you don’t want to lose her attention by talking about anything uninteresting (at least, to her). Learn about her interests and ask her some natural questions about them. By so doing, you are helping her feel good by giving her the opportunity to demonstrate her knowledge in that specific field, and the return you will receive for this is her attention, as you are the only male who has ever talked about her capabilities.

man chatting with a girl
Credit: Karolina Grabowska

Here is an example:

If you assume she’s a make-up artist, you can inquire about

  • What do you think the most significant qualities of a make-up artist are?
  • Can I apply eyeliner to my lashes?
  • How much will it cost me to work as your apprentice? (Jokingly)

You should get the idea by now that the sample questions given above could lead to hours of conversation flow. Make the conversation about her, and she’ll be attracted to you and want to talk to you again and again.


Ask Good, Open-End Questions

Of course, you can’t start a conversation without asking questions, and the best way to keep your crush entertained for a long time is to ask open-ended questions. Most people make the mistake of asking questions that can be answered with a single answer; instead, express genuine interest in her by asking questions that will make her feel comfortable enough to open up about things that are personal to her.

Here are examples

If you ask her, “How was your day?” she may simply say, “fine,” and things quickly become awkward. “What is the most exciting thing that happened around you today?” is an example of a question you could ask instead that could lead to hours of interesting conversation because she won’t be able to respond with a single word and will feel compelled to open up, resulting in a series of “follow up questions.”

Another example: instead of asking, “How are you?” you could say, “I feel like there’s something you’ve been thinking about that you’d like to discuss with someone; can we talk about it if you don’t mind?”

Make sure your questions are easy to understand and respond to because she may not want to snub you on purpose, but if she doesn’t have anything to say, she may just put the discussion on pause, giving you the impression that she is ignoring you, which isn’t always the case.


Closing Thoughts

Many men lack the ability to ask pertinent questions on their own and seamlessly weave them into the conversation, but if you can do so, you can have a successful meaningful and exciting conversation with anyone. To have more meaningful conversations, you need to:


Be Positive

If you want a girl to be interested in you on social media, you need to be an optimist and be fully conscious of what you post and repost. Are you all about the bad news and how someone was recently killed, or are you all about how the environment can be a better place? Remember, she will check your profile and previous posts, and no one wants to be around negative energy. Make your page on good and hopeful topics instead of the negative and frightening aspects of the media.


Be Genuine

Show genuine interest in her pursuits and be intentional about making her feel appreciated; you don’t want her to think you’re just looking for a way to pass the time with her whenever you’re bored. Give her the idea that she can talk to you about anything that bothers her at any time, but don’t overdo it to the point of being seen as a simp because girls dislike those type of guys.


Be Confident

Being confident is not only visible while having physical contact with a girl, you can also exude confidence online. To enhance your self-confidence, you don’t have to change your entire personality. Instead of listening to the noise and critics, focus on your passion and talk about it, show up on a daily basis, and share your thoughts and opinions on interesting topics and provide value to others on the platform. she may notice your energy even before you say hi and this will make having a free flow with you more easy.


Don’t be Afraid to Argue with Her Opinion

One of a simp’s characteristics is being afraid of losing women, so he plays nice around them and avoids arguing with them even if what she is saying is incorrect; the problem is that those types of guys are the most annoying to those women and are even treated with less respect; women prefer guys who stand firm in their beliefs and are not afraid to argue with them. Be yourself and don’t pander to the simpy side; she’ll always prefer you and stay attracted to you that way.


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