May 7, 2024
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10 Simple Ways To Be A More Romantic Girlfriend Right Away

Being a more romantic girlfriend is all about making your man feel special by showing him how good he made you feel and how much you care about him, which in turn makes you both feel more connected physically and emotionally.


The first thing you should keep in mind is that being a romantic girlfriend to your man is not as hard as you think, and to be romantic, you have to be comfortable in your own skin and exude confidence first if you don’t want things to go the awkward way.


The romance game can be so weird such that, to be romantic, you actually need to be less romantic. Don’t worry! I’ll explain:

Quoting Edna Ferber:

Too much of everything is as bad as too little.

Being romantic is not something you need to practice on a daily basis to make your boyfriend love you more. It is, in actual sense, dangerous to your relationship. We all get tired of anything we have in excess and that’s a simple fact that is somehow hidden to some women, which makes them conclude that men are not satisfiable.


Think about something you have in excess and the value you place on it, you’ll discover that things that you receive sparingly are what you continually want to receive and you get used to the ones you have in excess and they become almost useless with time.


Same with being romantic, it is not something you need to do every day, it has to be a sparing action from you, maybe on special days, so it will continue to be highly valued by your boyfriend.


But yeah, the quote says it all: as less important as being often romantic is, it’s also very bad not to attempt it at all with your romantic partner, all you need to do is to strike a balance between doing too much of it and doing too little.




10 Simple Ways To Be A More Romantic Girlfriend Immediately.


Leverage On The Power Of Words / Compliment Him.

It’s not even about buying the expensive gifts this time, you can do that later. The compliments you shower on him can go a very long way in attracting him to you even more. Everyone loves compliments, so far they are human.


Telling him how he made you feel, how handsome he looks and how you feel about him is one of the best ways to exhibit the romantic character in your relationship, sprinkle some words of compliment into your random conversations with him to get him flattered.


The truth is, we all go through stress on a daily basis and a lot of things that could drop our mood happen every time and there are also some things we feel insecure about. Your man isn’t an exception in those instances and the best thing you can do to bring up his mood is to shower him with a couple of compliments.


A good example of how to go about it is to pause suddenly while discussing and calmly exclaim that he looks handsome. You can tell how those words will make him feel and how that can deepen the emotional connection between you both.


Apart from the example  given above, there are other thousands of ways to compliment him, still not sure how to go about it? Here is a list of 70 cute words to say to your boyfriend to achieve being romantic with him.


Be Plain With Your Emotions.

There are some ladies that claim they don’t want to disturb their boyfriends with their emotions, so they’d rather not express them at all. Of course, it’s something they can do, but why exactly should they do it?


In a romantic relationship, hiding or suppressing your emotions is really not a healthy thing to do. Although there are some sensitive guys who will definitely know if something is wrong with you and even decode you’re attempting to hide it, but not everyone has that kind of ‘sensitivity talent’, so to say.


Your boyfriend is generally regarded as the person you are closest to, and if you feel unable or have the fear to express your feelings to them, then you may want to consider how healthy the relationship is and how to work on it.


Emotion here doesn’t mean sad moods only. Whatever mood you’re in, the best thing you can do is to let it out and not try to suppress it. That’s another way to be romantic.


The importance of communication in a relationship cannot be over emphasized. Being secretive in your relationship will only get things cold, which is what you’re trying to avoid even by reading this post.


To cap it up, be plain about your emotions and try not to hide them when you’re happy or unhappy, angry or fearful, surprised or bored. Be original!


Show Interest In His Hobbies.

Showing that you’re interested in the things he loves and learning about it can go a long way in making him feel more special and also give you both the chance to have a long interesting discussion and have a lot of things to talk about.


Showing interest in his hobby is another way to tell him you care about him without expressing it in words. If your man is like most other men, he might be interested in football, which is something exciting already, it will be easy to learn the names of the first eleven players of his favorite club and start from there.


It’s understandable that the things he spends his free time on might be partially or entirely out of your own interest, but remember, being romantic takes a little bit of sacrifice, which will definitely be worth it.


If you’re already interested in him, then you shouldn’t have a problem with being interested in what makes him happy, and if you love to be with him, there is a good chance you’re a little bit interested in his hobbies already, you just have to be more intentional about it to show him you really care about him and that’s another big shot to being romantic.


Be Comfortable Around Him.

There will be a lot of awkward moments between you and your boyfriend if you always try to stay perfect and get everything right around him. As a matter of fact, men don’t even like that and you can tell it can also be so nerve-racking for you as a lady.


Being comfortable around your boyfriend is a good way to prove to him that you’re romantic, and if you aren’t that comfortable already, try spending more time with him; the more time you spend with him, the more you ease up and get used to each other.


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Photo by Andrea Piacauadio


If the relationship is new, starting with hand holding will be a good option, after which you can proceed to hugging often and so on. The aim is to get close and be comfortable around each other, which is another good way to convey romanticity.


Invest In Your Appearance.

I understand your appearance isn’t stock or cryptocurrency and telling you to invest in your appearance is not for you to slash your income and budget one half of it to go shopping. Investing in your appearance means getting to know what type of dresses he love to see on you and wearing them often.


You don’t need to break the bank, you can appear good with little. If you can’t figure out where to start, it’s always a great way to have him come with you for shopping so he can make choices of what he would like to see on you.


Another way is to get the female fashion magazine and go through it with him during your leisure, so you can seek for his opinion on those fashion styles, after which you can replicate those exact styles to surprise him, Viola! You’re being romantic.



Many women are hesitant to initiate sex because of social conditioning that has led them to believe that doing so will make them look like a whore, which is actually not true. In fact, initiating is one of the greatest hacks to be immediately more romantic with your boyfriend.


Men feel good when you initiate and the experience might be more satisfying for both parties compared to the previous ones. More so, it’s also a good way to express to him that the feeling is mutual, which could potentially give the relationship a major boost in the form of a more deeper connection between you both.


You don’t need to leave him to make all the suggestions, even other than initiating sex, there are many other ways you can also put yourself in the position to make the plans sometimes, just be sure you aren’t bossy or domineering about it.


Suggest going out for a bowl of ice cream during the boring weekends or tell him you want to take him out to the movie but always keep in mind to pay the bills whenever you make him come with you, else, there will be no romantic vibe in it.


Buy Him Gifts.

I bet you saw that coming…  Buying gifts has been an old way to be romantic but it is, of course, still a valid way till tomorrow.

Although men can be overthinking sometimes and when you suddenly start buying them gifts, they might begin to get confused and ask a lot of rhetorical questions:

Has she gotten a better job? 

Has she done something wrong she's trying to make up for? 

Did she start loving me more than before? 

Is she scared of losing me and maybe trying to buy me off?

 Is she trying to put more effort into the relationship?

It’s obvious here that you just want to put more effort into the relationship and spice things up, but it might not be as obvious with him and that’s why you need to start from the smaller gifts of sacrifice before you start buying bigger gifts, so he doesn’t misunderstand you.

All the same, when done right, gifting is also a huge player when it comes to being more romantic with your boyfriend.


Give Him Your Full Attention.

Paying rapt attention to him while he speaks doesn’t seem like something much to do could mean a lot to him and actually give him the impression that you are really taking time to listen to what he has to say and that he (and what he’s saying) is important to you.


Shifting very close to him and probably placing yourself such that you can easily get a cuddle while he speaks is another great way to display your romantic side. Be free and as informal as possible. You can’t be formal all day at work and still deprive yourself of the freedom around your boyfriend.


Make Special Days Memorable For Him.

Being romantic won’t be complete without actually making his special days memorable. Prepare for his birthdays, matriculations, graduation and other memorable days you both got to experience together.


Those special days are not easily forgotten like some other random days, so you want to be a key player during those kinds of days. First, to achieve the aim of being romantic, and second, to place yourself on the bolder side of the memory such that he can’t tell the stories of that day without mentioning your name.


Romantically Disturb Him.

I’m sure you should have a clue about what romantic disturbance means. This can not be done if you aren’t close to your boyfriend to the extent that you are totally unceremonious around him.

Here is a list of examples of how to romantically disturb him:

Bump out of nowhere and sit on his lap facing him and leaning on him, not caring what he’s doing at current.

Hugging him tightly by pretending to be scared or emotional or, better still, when you’re actually scared or emotional.

While he’s lying in bed, lie directly on top of him without saying a word and pretend it’s a normal thing to do.


romantic couple on the couch
Image by Cottonbro


Randomly hug him from behind and lean your head on his back.

The romantic disturbance list is endless, but one important thing to put into consideration is paying attention to his mood so things won’t flop. Be sure he’s emotionally stable or happy before you do those things – all  depending on who you know him to be.


Bonus Tip.

Tease Him.

Sometimes, being playful with your boyfriend is an easy and quick way to deep intimacy in a relationship. In fact, according to times, one of the four ways to become happier is to tease the ones you love.


Couples who feel comfortable teasing each other tend to stay happier, stronger and also have long-lasting relationships, so anytime there is a space to tease him, never lose your chance to be romantic by not teasing.


The things you should be careful teasing men about are their flaws, insecurities or disabilities.


Closing Thoughts On How To Be More Romantic To Your Boyfriend

Everyone and anyone can actually be romantic and being romantic should not be the only effort of the man in a relationship. In fact, there is nothing as romantic in itself as a lady being romantic with her boyfriend. Therefore, it’s always a cool thing to do by making little efforts to prove to him you’re all he needs by showing him your romantic side.


Another romantic tip is to pay attention to your partner’s mood before taking actions. Being able to know the exact time to show your romantic side is, in fact, another act of romanticity.


To cap it all up, our preferences are different and what seems romantic to one might not be romantic at all to the other, and as a result, the real way to be a more romantic girlfriend is to take the time to discover his likes and dislikes and work towards doing more of what he likes.

Regards to the man behind your smile.