May 8, 2024
Man practicing Ascension Meditation

How to do Ascension Meditation

The state of our minds determines the quality of the experiences we have in life. A person who practices mindfulness and meditation would lead a happier life than someone who does not; even in the same environmental setting.

By making our minds more open through meditation, we can improve the quality of our daily living and experience inner peace. When we meditate, we feel stronger and happier and our mood is no longer controlled by our environment and we progressively eliminate all the irrational changes in mood.

What is Ascension Meditation?

Ascension meditation is a spiritual practice that improves the quality of our mind spiritually by focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity.

It is also a fantastic instrument for developing your intuition, and accessing your creativity and “inner wisdom”. Meditation provides you with continuous awareness and allows your unsteady mind to concentrate on a specific task with greater intensity, resulting in better outcomes.

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What Happens During Ascension Meditation

One of the most difficult things to accomplish is to remain thoughtless even for a single minute, yet it can be accomplished through meditation. The entire purpose of meditation for ascension is to make the individual unaware of all distractions until they encounter the spiritual awakening otherwise known as the ascendant.

This transcendental meditation experience has a name in every spiritual tradition, yet it does not happen without consistent practice. When you first begin to meditate, you will notice random thoughts and if you attempt to shut your mind away from thoughts, you’ll probably end up frustrated because those thoughts will keep coming. However, this is entirely normal.

It becomes easier to stay focused and thoughtless with regular practice and it can take up to a year or more for some people to experience the ascendant, but it happens to everyone at some point so far they are consistent with it.

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How to Do Ascension Meditation

All types of meditation including spiritual meditation can be practiced by following three main phases in the short and long term, which are as follows:

  • Preparation phase
  • Focus Phase
  • The Reception Phase

Ascension Meditation for Short Term

Ascension meditation techniques for the short term here refer to the steps and techniques for effective meditation for an average session, let’s say a 20-minute meditation session.

The easiest approach to start is to sit quietly in a suitable environment in a comfortable posture and pay attention to your breath.

The Preparation phase

Ascension meditation is best practiced first thing in the morning, although it can be done at any other time. Wearing constrictive clothing should be avoided. You should not meditate if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Slowly and attentively breathing may help you create some mental serenity, which is a good way to prepare for the exercise.

Try to meditate spiritually in a peaceful place where you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or any member of your family. Accompanying your meditation process with background music may be really beneficial in setting the mood although it’s not compulsory.

The Focus Phase

The focus phase is an essential part of ascension meditation where you practice total silence and focus on your slow breath and your affirmation about a single point, you may want to close your eye if you feel convenient with it.

The Reception Phase

Keep your body calm and upright. There are chances that random thoughts will come, try to wave them off and do not deliberately think about anything. It takes some time to achieve this state of tranquillity, and get to the peak of every meditation session but mental and spiritual benefits make the time and patience worthwhile.

Ascension Meditation for Long Term

Ascension meditation for the long term here refers to meditation over the course of a year, for example.

The Preparation Phase

This is the period where your mind wanders and you struggle with random thoughts, it’s normal, you can’t skip this phase, it prepares you for the next.

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The Focus  Phase

You’ve gained steadiness and absolute control of your mind at this phase, which comes with consistency in the meditation practice and awareness of each inhalation and exhalation. This is because our breath and thoughts are inextricably linked. Your thoughts will begin to fade as soon as you begin to pay attention to your breathing.

The Reception Phase

This stage is when you receive the outcome of ascension during meditation and encounter the spirit. It takes time, but if you practice consistently, you will eventually reach this stage.

Ascension meditation can be done at any time as long as there is little outside noise and the time it takes for spiritual ascension depends solely on your schedule, however, you may start with 20 minutes per day and progress from there.

Simply take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly. Concentrate on your breath, avoid distractions, and spare your thoughts from other activities; don’t rush through it; instead, give it your full attention.

Also, the eye’s stability manages a number of sensitive forces in the body. The more your mind generates positive thoughts, the faster you will progress. A profound degree of meditation requires a steady gaze and focus. When you concentrate your attention on a single object during the meditation process, you will gain more energy and ascend faster.

Benefits of Ascension Meditation

  • Peace
  • Mental clarity
  • Self Awareness
  • Greater sense of purpose

Ascension meditation can provide you with a sense of calmness, serenity, and balance, which can enhance your mental well-being as well as your health in general through stress relief.

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The reality is that you are concentrating on one thing so intensely that everything else begins to fade away. This allows you to have more control over distractions and helps you to make better decisions. Meditation increases productivity and focus, relieves anxiety, and helps you sleep better at night.

The ascension method of meditation provides spiritual benefits such as increased awareness of the world around you and a close bond between you and your purpose. Meditation cleanses our minds of unhealthy habits, beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes, restores emotional equilibrium, and improves our quality of life.

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