July 11, 2024
jailed woman who need deliverance

How to Know You Need Deliverance

It is not necessary to be a horrible person to need deliverance; in fact, anyone and everyone may need deliverance at some point in their lives. Every situation where you might need deliverance can be classified into these two categories: either you are under oppression or you are being possessed.

Being oppressed and being process are two distinct things. Being oppressed can be defined as using unjust or cruel force to keep someone down, denying them the necessities of life, or taking advantage of them because you are more powerful than they are. Slavery is an excellent example of oppression.

Further Reading for being oppressed (Exo 3:9, 22:21, 23:1, Acts 7:21, 10:38, James 2:6)

Being possessed, on the other hand, is an altered state of consciousness in which your behavior or conduct is influenced by an internal force, which could be spirits, ghosts, demons, or gods. So, while we can say “he is being possessed by a demon,” we can equally say “the demon possess control over him.”

Further Reading for being possessed (Matt 4:28, 8:16, 8:28, 9:32, 12:22, Mark 5:15, Luke 8:36, Act8:7, 16:16

5 Signs You Need Deliverance

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If you are being possessed by a demon or spirit, or if you are being spiritually oppressed by an unknown force, you need deliverance. Here are seven signs of oppression or possession that may signify that you should seek deliverance as soon as possible.

When you Notice a Negative Generational Pattern

Traits or patterns known as generational patterns are passed down from one generation to the next, or from parents to their children. An instance of negative generational pattern  may be that the men in that family are never able to live past the age of 50 or the girls in that family never attract suitors no matter how attractive they look or maybe the boys are never able to graduate from college. There are many other scenarios but you get the idea. If you notice any generational patterns peculiar to you that seem out of the ordinary in your family, you may need deliverance.

When Your Willpower is Weak

Self control, or the capacity to delay gratification or resist temptations, is what willpower is all about. Therefore, when willpower is lost, it could be a sign that you need deliverance prayers. A good example of lost willpower is in the area of addiction, where you can no longer, on your own, control your urges and you later be like, “I don’t know what came over me,” you can’t quit smoking, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or even maybe when you act on impulse such as anger, cruelty towards other people, or it could even be that you can’t get some tormenting thoughts out of your mind no matter how you try

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When There is no Progress

When you feel like you can no longer go on because you keep running into the same barriers and others are successfully crossing the same bridge but not you, when you notice that you aren’t moving forward or making any progress at all physically or spiritually, when everything seems to be stagnant for you, then you need to go pray for deliverance.

Strange Health Condition

It’s common to get sick occasionally as a result of stress and other factors, and when you visit the hospital you are examined and given medication to help you feel better. However, if you experience a strange illness where the medical staff or doctors don’t seem to notice anything wrong with you, it may be that you are dealing with the spirit of infirmities, and you should go for a deliverance session as soon as possible.

Infirmity ( Luke 5:15, 7:21,  8:2,) 

When you “Lose touch with reality”

When you act or feel abnormally, such as when you see or hear things or voices that others cannot see or hear, you are said to be losing touch with reality. You may also lose consciousness and exhibit uncontrollable physical symptoms, such as screaming, rolling, or being tormented, it can also be as a result of certain mental illnesses, such as depression, psychosis, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or unrestrained emotions. All this can be a sign that you have a demon that need to be thrown out through a deliverance prayer.

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Bonus – Guilty Conscience

If your conscience prickles you occasionally and you seem to feel guilty for the things you did in the past even after you’re saved, it is a sign you need to be delivered. Romans 8:1 states that there should be no more condemnation if you are now in Christ, so if you find it difficult to be free from guilt, it’s either because you are not in Christ or because there is a demonic stronghold on you and you need deliverance from it.

In conclusion, the need for deliverance arises when you are either oppressed or possessed, and you must be saved from sin before being delivered; otherwise, the spirit that is oppressing you or possessing you can easily creep back in when you leave the place of deliverance. For more information on how to be saved, click here.

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