July 10, 2024
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How to Find Out if Someone Stayed at a Hotel

Like any other organization, hotels have regulations and policies that govern their operations. For reasons of safety and privacy, information about hotel guests may not be disclosed. Nevertheless, there are a number of different ways you might try to determine whether a person has stayed at a hotel or not.

The strictness of privacy policies vary from hotel to hotel. For instance, if you know something about the individual or run across a friendly hotel staff member, you might be able to persuade them that you were aware of the hotel room reservation and then you’d be given permission to call them.

However, in more stringent hotels, legally obtaining information about whether they checked in at a hotel or which room they checked into will be difficult because many hotel records are digital, and unless you are able to hack into the registration system, which is obviously not the best or easiest way to go about it, you may find it difficult to uncover if they stayed at the hotel.

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How to Determine if Someone Visited a Hotel

The convenience with which this information can be obtained is determined by the individual, the hotel’s privacy policy, and the personality of the hotel employee. With that said, let’s look into different methods for determine if they checked into the hotel.

Call the Hotel

Calling the hotel with confidence is the first and most likely straightforward way to find out. Confidence is the key here. Avoid making it seem like you’re searching for information since they will try to withhold more information from you the more inquisitive they perceive you to be.

You can say something like “hi, can you please put me across to your guest Mr. John Doe, I have a message to urgently pass across to him” or “get me to John Doe’s room please” and they will either tell you they have no one with that name on their list or they will tell you to hold on or some other sort of reply but you will surely get the hint by whatever reply you get.

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However, you don’t want to ask if the name John Doe checked in at the hotel, otherwise,  you’ll get it messed up. Instead, go straight to the point because it gives them the impression that you already know the person is there.

Check Their Billing Statement

Another method to verify that they stayed at a hotel is to check their credit and debit card account statements for any suspicious payments. Unless they paid with cash, which is highly unlikely, it will always be there, so if the person in question is your spouse, you can always get your way into their bank statement and check if they paid for any hotel reservation.

Get Personal with the Hotel Employee

Making arrangements to make friends with the hotel staff is another technique to get your way through the process of uncovering if someone stayed at a hotel. You could go there and introduce yourself, obtain their contact information, chat them up and become friends with them before carefully slipping in your target. Although it is a “slow” procedure, it will be nevertheless successful if you know your way around it.

Check Around for Receipt

If the individual is your spouse and you suspect they returned from a hotel, you could search their car, their jeans pockets, and their bags for anything that looks like a hotel receipt; you may be surprised to find it.

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Pretend you want to “Apologies to the owner”

You’re likely to know their car wherever you see it, so another thing you can do is to slightly scratch their car with yours and then walk into the hotel to tell them it was a mistake and you’d like to see the owner and apologize; that’s just an example; you can come up with various strategies using this example as a basis.

Get a Friend to Work There

Another slow procedure, but if you’re determined to get the truth, that could be another option to consider.

Ask Them

Yes, you can relieve your stress by confronting them and asking them if they were at the hotel, of course, you don’t want to be rude or presumptuous about it, just ask politely, there is nothing as cool as talking things out in a relationship, in fact, most relationships fail due to a lack of communication, so if there is anything you’re suspicious of, walk up to him/her and ask politely.

How to find out what hotel someone is staying at

If you want to find out what hotel someone is staying at, here are a few tips.

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Hire a Private Detective

Hiring a private investigator is another effective way to find out in which hotel someone is staying. The hotel personnel may have been under tight orders not to reveal that they were there at all, so when you ask, they may respond that no one checked in by that name. For this reason, a private investigator will be more effective at tracking their movements and providing you with feedback.

Make use of a GPS Tracker or RFID Device

If the individual is your spouse and you are aware of their favorite watch or shoe, you can have a GPS tracker or RFID  chip implanted into one of those essential items they uses everyday. Of course, the tracker should be hidden from view.

Check Their Bank Statement Later

It’s possible that you won’t be able to determine the hotel they are staying at present, but you may be able to do so afterwards by looking up payments made to any hotel and the name of the hotel on their bank account statements.

Call Them

The easiest approach is to call them on phone and ask them. Even if it’s improbable that they’ll be honest, it’s better to try than not to try at all.

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To prevent being accused of stalking, you should exercise discretion and manage the matter sensitively if you want to find out what hotel a person is staying at or what room they are occupying. You should also play your games wisely and know when to quit observing them.

Avoid approaching them directly and acting in a way that may arouse their suspicions. Avoid sending surprise gifts or deliveries in the name of someone else so that you can track them down. If the recipient phones to express gratitude for the gift and the other party claims that no gift was sent, things may get worse.

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